Dana & Jayson - Thanksgiving Conversation: A Public Service Announcement

Wednesday, November 22nd

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with the most important thing in our lives... FOOD! But since we need someone to help us prepare it, you'll probably be spending time with your family and friends on Thursday. We know that the conversation can turn pretty awkward, pretty quickly, so rather than suffer through another shouting match at the dinner table, we had Producer Jack put together some handy tips to help get you through it.

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Thanksgiving means awkward conversation it is absolutely unavoidable. And especially this year more than any other year it's Damon Jason about 949 San Diego's all turned of this year according to research. People are actually plan to spend at least thirty minutes or less that the Thanksgiving celebration with their family. Just to avoid. Awkward political conversation and people are actually. Planning to injuring significant amounts more alcohol than they have in past years. Just to be able to handle it so this year to help us avoid awkward conversation producer Jack has put together some very special tips for us. Gobble gobble America. And here where we Deborah around the spend time with the most important thing in our lives. Food on eating but since we need an excuse to stop ourselves silly you'll probably be spending Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. All know sometimes the conversation you get a little awkward. Who Sox are they getting it 949 got together to give you a few handy tips. What about when your super judgmental and Alice ask you this explain this job let me ours again it's just temporary right. Just go full blown diversion and ask if anyone strike the stuffing yet a. And they repeat the question just keep talking about stopping until someone changes the subject and I. Face it about mom asking do you still see no that's an easy one line. That's right just make up some about how your boyfriend's name is Kevin and he's very successful photo. No we don't have one of those probably because our phone is dead what we're trying to disconnect over the holidays anyway. That was the easy thing how about when uncle Ralph make some half cocked commentary about all of those black millionaires in the NFL I just seriously just like something on fire and get. Whitney is any tips you'll make it through an entire holiday dinner without a digression into a shouting match he GAAP and right. Happy Thanksgiving from David. FM 94 night. They don't fire in god and then.