Dana & Jayson - Take This Job and Shove It: Bakery

Monday, November 20th

One of the best things about a holiday like Thanksgiving is a short week. As Dana & Jayson are getting ready to spend some time with their loved ones, our intern Entitled Mike is getting ready to quit a job he doesn't have on a listener's behalf. Every Commercial Free Monday we do a little something called Take This Job and Shove It, where Mike takes a submission from one of our listeners about a job they can't stand, but can't stand to quit, and he does it for them. This week, he quits a job he doesn't have at a Big Box store bakery. 

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Grass on 949 San Diego's alternative the station that gives you a complete commercial free experience every single month die plus more quitting a job on your behalf right now entitled Mike yes it's a segment that we like to don't. Take this job and she. And this morning on behalf of Tiffany from Mira mesa entitled Mike is quitting IA up. Bakery departments of a larger store. She has had it with her job and she quit her job because she needs the money but entitled Mike is quitting a job he doesn't have right now and take the 77 on FM 949. I think we're going. And then I can help you pay economic element might from the bakery who'd a manager on in the bay creator. I don't know when it went back. GM yet again. And then. I actually know I'd I can equate. Probably best comic dog again. And share. Hello around the pages at how to go on its might. The bad news story today. What what went on yeah I'm hoping that revealed to continue working there any longer I just hoping to do another Thanksgiving holiday. To be honest but by and there is worried that it bombardment pumpkin spice request. It's enough keep an open and it may be achieved girls' schools and over. And that. I don't I want my. Yeah out of Miami you know I'm the only guy that works bakery and you guys are only makes people and immediate. I don't mind being covered in our belly I'm like cool I like what she worked out on a funeral members you know that yes. Came on that they needed an extra pumpkin spice pumpkin pies. Com and you know like I saw it you know my the benefit at a delicate piece like that. It until you know six month story of flight the peak in sixteen. And he and on me and all the profits Kelly don't want to go off Panama and my recipes and election. I. Black. Or hear that no one enjoyed it is it is it is much different goma and upper east. I'm yet and let's not put them Lugar and. And should be out completely. And Odom and indeed be a shell by noon. But it I'm the only one covered our commission or board and get the respect. And I'll ever forget sometimes called people members of this country club and commitment and it didn't matter. Where it is. I expected in fourth. At what it's exclusive. And get dirty looks and requests were primary not. We've come. That you don't want to also feel discouraged because you can't beat Jim beam and might. Now that you're actually. You're allowed to be making up and expect our wouldn't be brought to keep it. It makes sense to conduct such little leadership in place we read about and yet we yesterday at 11 AM and the place went hourly it was like the Titanic with banks and we love it you know angry and endure that. In the belly button on the membership really man and I remember. It's okay. You and I'm. Part of your job to actually be able it meet people in a way an appropriate which is part you're you know I sign on debates frankly yes. I don't know who put Caroline shortly on the great shot there really duplicate my shoulder and in and in front of people it's important to me blueberries and my. If you make ensure that only six. Six to really get it. And as an example it's okay we overshoot the movers. Actually. If there aren't put it into a Blackberry app activity should be you honestly to be one of the guys and you might peel and obviously the money and can't pay anymore and I'm not going to be able to you know pumpkin spice I'm dumb and deleted it. I've got to tell you take this job Shalit. Okay well that's great and you'd like to actually you know lead to job you and Gary individual. OK you can speak with an end air. That are. A case they'll act on it get like it nearly twice in remembered only. A. Jacket he's wearing party you could he get comfortable in the job. I do its job when she. If you want entitled lights and quit your job he doesn't come. On your behalf send us a message on the back then not before nine FaceBook OK okay.