Dana & Jayson - Still Standing: Jack's New Christmas Rules

Wednesday, January 22nd

Just because it's almost the end of January doesn't mean the spirit of the holiday season isn't going strong inside the home of Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack. Yesterday, when Jayson learned Jack's Christmas tree is still standing with no end in sight, he felt it was his duty to point this out to Dana and the rest of our listener family. Now, even Jayson, who is an admitted holiday junkie, can't understand why Jack is still clinging to his holiday decorations on the other side of MLK Day, and he feels an intervention is in order. This morning on Alt 949, D&J hit the phones to find out if Producer Jack is truly the only person left in America's Finest City still rocking their tree with February on the horizon, or if Jayson is just lacking in residual holiday cheer? We tried to unwrap the answer this morning on San Diego's Alternative.