Dana & Jayson - Star Wars: The Rise of the Wait Times

Friday, December 6th

If you love Disneyland and Star Wars, you're probably like the boys from the Dana & Jayson crew, as both Jayson and Producer Jack are salivating over every morsel of information they can get about the soon-to-be unveiled ride at Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Well, this morning, like the Sith she is, Darth Dana had some less than encouraging news for our Alt 949 listener family, as it turns out the opening of Orlando's Disney World version did not go off without a pretty major hitch. Like a youngling with Luke's lightsaber, Dana wielded information she couldn't possibly hope to understand, while giving fans of the galaxy far, far away a lot to think about before the Anaheim edition of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens early next year. Get ready for the rise of the ride wait times this morning on San Diego's Alternative.