Dana & Jayson - The Like Squad

Wednesday, May 17th

Alyssa from mid-days here at FM 949 has a radio guy from Seattle who likes EVERYTHING that she posts on social media, so Dana & Jayson wondered if EVERY guy who is that attentive to your online life is looking for something more, or if they're just supporting you as part of your 'like squad'.  We hit the phones, and made a special call to Seattle to get to the bottom of this...​

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It's a segment that we do it's called ask the guy is and it in this instance if your guy listening in your opinion is requested it's 6195701949. Where CNN Jason San Diego's alternative FM ninety point nine. And the question is if you. And you light each all of the social media posts that a certain female does does that mean that you like her. Or her are they're actually men straight men. And veteran what I'm gonna called the likes squat. To say and I think they don't want to hack at the likes collide. You know what I mean Mike and the likes squad is a dead people who always like your social media posts that's what I called in my mind. Like all my friend from the likes god like I'm always gonna get at least 25 like follow like fill their life for sure like her stuff. But my question is if you're straight mad are you going to be an anyone's likes glad where you'll always like their social media posts or if you're like king. A woman's hosts all of them all the time does that mean you want more out of that relationship. 6195701949. The reason I bring this up this because we see a potential love connection. For the blonde in beautiful 23 year old. A less kind works here at I before. She's in studio. Up. And this so we wanted to see. Talk to you about that this really surprise me read it just killing two islands is sitting here on my phone like come again there's a guy who is a mutual friend he does radio in Seattle in an alternate Asian dollar really is oh sorry that put. We think he's in love with the L a everything you do Elissa Wright Jason. Yeah this literally. Everything you DO he watches your instant grams story now like Q does that add that he tweets you are well you are. You don't need to look at gap but I am gay and need to entertain met yes. This lonely lonely straight man and the at all when did he just CEO of us that. He took things the next level you know I sat wish I'd venture to you this weekend it was the poll okay it wasn't an open ended question you're like Joshua cherry whatever I might go campaign dad who's he just said. Yeah well and peace and I didn't think anything up that I was like Seattle school stylish man. Thank you more so clueless and that was the final straw for Jason he had taken an inheritance tax is a GOP didn't love played yeah. Something dramatic I don't know it was secret drag pray and you are like why it's an idea exactly I was like a pig but like I miss something hole Ryan leg. But he does comment I noticed that because. I also comment on everything you do I don't as Jay said so I see old Vista is always he's a part of the conversation as well he's. Asked her out multiple times I don't know how are no way because the CEU. All right. For that pullback she could she tweeted out and it was three options and he created its own an upset if I created a number four I imagine they Eddie what that like how she said the all they'll let Seattle with a fury had done. It was in Chad's. Now do you know Hannah or in this is another weird dimension of it is because if you only have a social media relationship. Now Paula never do that not all it's only on Josh yeah it's all like alternative radio love type of situation like you know him because he works there because he doesn't respond to every single thing we'd Al. No he never responds to anything that we dealt with no matter how much I try to bait him into every game he never bites. Maybe he'll respond and I mean like we could be wrong and it could be completely innocent nick could just be that he's in your like squad. Because it's like you know I post something it's almost like some Indian like. I got she'll break high fiber a quick is like I see I'm like get it on call me yet CEO no look straight dude. It's gonna be in any alike squad. He might likes 6195701949. It's a segment we call ask the guys if you're a man would you ever light every single whole set of female does just because she's your friend or you're doing that does it mean that she while more out of the relationship that they get a simple answer to us. This is a time in the show when we turn the airwaves of silly over so guys it's our segment ask the guys on date and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative and the question this morning is what is it really mean when a guy likes everything that a girl does on social media does that mean he really likes her or could he just be part of her like squad 6195701949. Pay Alexy they are from north. How Ariel. I'm doing great here at the jam there Ab work out pumping out a lot this more nag at that Pacific island work out of the Delray I'll. So Alex question is there any way that if you like everything that a girl does on social media day you are just friends with her you just want French chef. No way you're here had a very he'll love it it's so they just a really good. In saturated. And in that two we re okay so you would never just as a straight you'd be one of those late cheerleader at her jurors in the background being like yeah had good Palo suspect. Narrow narrow its data had little diluted all Al Aqsa. We have match. That's they are out there Dana. I can't you do the magic Alex from North County eagle little cheerleader it'll okay calm that's interesting because Alex we're not friends on social media or an ally here that record but did you did you front I thought about it. Looking right now even though we're just friends so you're not gonna lake anything that I do we won't be in my friend's blog I worried. I it's gonna be like maybe if it's. Don't really cool like you haven't liked it but I'm not going to be Iraq that he likes and Ghana on a daily basis. Yeah and she's trying to skew this survey YE your Mary did I know all the what we're talking about if there is Europe's single straight to you would. Liking a single straight wall. Oh okay that speaks a different way. And REIT the girl are either I think what should ideally you'd like and a lot of my. But no I don't think now you're just elevate the French ship it here Mary do it right let's take all that how today can you he served liking our posts as my thought. Art near OK good for you your wanna hurt loyal listeners that we have so far so I want to like kind of solidify that meant I am so honored. I love you guys. We'll audio and Alex just to for you to have the last word then yes are you know if it duties liking everything a girl does on social media is the next step. A nude from him. I'm or am I gonna get it this week. I. I'm all good news it's all right though at all that there it has room thanks gallon possible okay yeah. We called a segment ask the guys it's only turned the airwaves completely over to a man of San Diego's for the week you get inside your mind because we don't always understand where you're coming from as women were Dane and Jason as a 949 San Diego's alternative what does it mean when a guy likes everything that a girl does on social media could it be innocent or doesn't always mean that he likes her because there's a guy that's liking every single thing. That our midday girl less posts on social media. Is this entitled Mike. They were gone on our intern a little bit of experience. Well like being pro. I thought I. And what doesn't mean if a guy is liking everything a girl does on FaceBook and it just deed that he's in her likes quiet. I don't know what that means you go a little. Note sturdy guy is and light squad or whatever that meteor. The big Delon lark. I'm not sure and I'm being big this. They don't amassing a lot of time checking out stories and I don't feel like there aren't you kind of need to know that hurt him. Four years bro out like I feel like you know if this case you might need like a blocker squad can disarm memorial stalker. Had. Blade might be some sort of why do you need hired just watch how they do. A little bit you're listening to you need to lay throughout. We had him not to do it post this CB like that good that you do rallies and corny stuff and the guys grow in the light data. And you're trying to yell like you're just trying to like weed out the lakers. I think you got yourself a stalker. Film below Libyan example of that bad post. It. I would let it's a moment like that. A little bit desperate echoed today. Land that so deep doubt and and what he did. Our alliance learning who they trust and we are hurting I get back you know you don't feel like this to say Pollard at the end I don't know allay. It is like you know everything that's that's that's doctors. I'm into a stalker situation and you based soccer some of us call a love. For. Entitled Mike we're glad to know that you're listening this morning our intern and we appreciate you letting us get inside your mind and Oprah now meanwhile producer Jack you put up a poll on Twitter. Yeah I did we asked if you're guy disliking everything a girl doesn't social media translate to wanting something more yes 33% no 33%. Send news 34%. Yeah and send nudes for the end there Dan okay now coming not. Next I think we really need to get an answer from that your source the man whose liking all of Melissa's post solicit doesn't mid day she comes in right after us at 9 o'clock on FM ninety for a night he's this cute alternative radio boy from Seattle we're gonna get him on the line coming up next and maybe he analyst with also meet face to face this morning voice to voice place to place. Why assume things and we can just go straight to the source at CNN Jason on FM 94 and I in San Diego's alternative what does it really mean when a guy likes everything you do on social media. That's happening to our mid day girl Alyssa she comes in after us at 9 o'clock there's a guy who does alternative radio in Seattle he's adorable he likes everything she posts does it mean he likes her or is just part of her like squad were finding out Jason your dialing. Is this acute alternative radio star from Seattle. I mean I think it. So I'm keeping your nameless to protect the innocent honest okay but are there are we to bill lay back and know you pretty well from a lot of radio conventions. And you're one of the people that we choose to hang out with the most. Because we get drinks wing know we we not agenda. This morning we have to ask a question because we been talking about you on our shelf at. I'll bring your friends you've been corresponding. With our mid big girl less via Twitter. I. We'll now interesting that you say that now we knew like term post them watcher it's a grand stories and responds like when she said what they do this weekend and use that come to Seattle do you like her or you just part of her likes squad on social media. And a part of her life squat I can't. I I had never met her before. Dad Danny you've been hitting on my name is supposed to keep it. He did an alternative boy from Seattle who once did dig girl like playing the. But could be energy that I had on you every. Year so what. Is. Dowell is. Although I'm gonna go and I'm gonna go like your post therapy he didn't have anything to me that was all the view would commit Seattle we got out drink. Oh yeah but he I'd LO it happened at the end of the day you would push says the side and you try they'd make out with our. This is what is Chile comes back to I've since Yuri said is named Danny anyway this is what it comes back to his Jason's jealousy that you give Melissa some like social media love and not him. You know what I'd look seems that two days and it's going to be yet beginning to equalize all free you actually don't work because look he's got more than anything and. I got me he didn't like I have a huge personal court Korea Cuba on that. I have a at all three. Why Democrats on you know OK okay hold on before we let ego because we know you're in a hurried out would you like to say I'll let assay hide it well let's take it she's been listening to that whole paper did you nervous. I'm meeting. In my defense. I said likes Clyde hill and she did and I were on your site here we where we were both thinking Europe just part of the likes blood being super friendly it's alternative love folks basin is like. Housewife yet no gossipy. Danny and yet I would like to formally introduce you to about hottest chick in alternative outlets trying to follow up looking. Tiger and then hey are you wearing your Droid and injured then. Because I'm not that I am not wearing a flannel cell can you say it more a little more sexy like you're not wearing anything guys. Make a radio match at. We'll be in the argument final seat I'm it would begin to come to Seattle I I don't get it from. See exactly I would just didn't fit into its pan cookie so hard. You and daddy thank you for coming up we know you're doing a big alternative morning show in Seattle say hi to your crew there and now you analysts are no longer strangers. It's ELC. Our idea any cute little thing like ago. I really feel like there is the connection there let's do you feel like some sparks happening to you felt the sparks. A fresher down eagle search doesn't panic if it was not. Really bill. I feel the love there I think that that's gonna happy and yes the immediate area that you're not being serious down. Stockings. I'm going to literally elevate this situation I'm gonna third tweeting him for yell and tell her I will. You've made it really offered by the LA thank you totally dead they have yet I was gonna say something about it I would stands as their tight but like that I was like greatest. See you would have bet to say that's the first thing that popped in your had a thirty comment.