Dana & Jayson- Solo

Friday, April 13th

No, we're not talking about the new Star Wars movie, we're talking about front men stepping out on their band mates and working on other projects with other musicians. While not a solo experiment, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day debuted a trio of songs from his new side-project, so Dana, Jayson, and Producer Jack had a mini-debate about how we feel when artists do this, and weighed in on the new music. How do you feel when your favorite artists venture out on their own? We want you to #jointhefamily and #jointheconversation on the Alt949radio and Dana & Jayson social media pages!


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It's all money for a night in San Diego's alternative ordain and Jason Billie Joseph Armstrong is going rogue. We meet he is Ro believe me they're like yeah I was down do you like it went a lead singer of a band as their own solo project only got now. Nell. Why green day's breaking up note now. You know garbage out. This the. Kasey doing his own thing yet the earth and that's Billy breaking up basically last night he released a three song EP life with his side project called the long shot. And I'm feeling like it's going to be a long shot now why Wyatt wall okay. Com I don't like anything yourself yeah. Do we have any of it we have three songs. And he released it on YouTube you can hear it. He really sit on YouTube well you release the everywhere but down album is called lobbyists for losers okay. That it sounds coming out of the sooner than later he's the the whole album it's going to be a whole album. I get very stressed out when net. But. Might people to leave their group from him and start like exploring their own side things yeah because. It makes me think that the band is going to break up. The I don't put that pressure I don't understand and why he would leave his banding go to a different band I don't understand right. Would it makes me think from the outside is that there's problems amongst the fans and it makes me think that there's drama going on behind the scenes. And his slate my needs are being fulfilled in the stands I have to go outside the bounds. It's like cheating on a marriage and I'm going off by myself now because sometimes. Fans don't get back together. Well I mean look at Jack why in the white stripe and that's it was I was going to hide that just popped into my head and and I light. The new Jack White stuff of course ago. I think it's really funny whenever anybody ask Jack quite if he's given you more new White Stripes music he does. New White Stripes music is every Jack white's whole album I've really. So I don't like I had escaped doping meetings that night alone I understand Blake if Europe pop band in your in a boy band or something like that and you do your solo project that's because pay you have all these other voice says. With use so maybe you should do with old project this to have your own that still makes me at lake I don't I don't like when anyone breaks up for shoot I don't want anyone to break out is breaking up got. Others are that you keep saying that but I don't believe it because I there's too many instances where they got there and wherever they even did a musical show I was gonna say Billy Joseph obviously likes to do other things. I still buzz he wants to be on Broadway he wants to do this money series hey you know Ariel commercial what I what okay now. OK right now I just wanna play you the first ten seconds a pack of at their lead single love is for Luther is laid single by himself well his band the long shot. Week he has a band that's called a longshot idea. I thought that was the album although I doubt losers is the album theses. Now that's an Alltel like sort of hung over from last night's I feel even more emotionally perfect elect delegates that producer technically that ten seconds for me. To edit your first initial thoughts immediately got. I kind of seem like Green Day didn't wanna do it. I didn't explore that on your own I actually have some friends that might want to form a band with the no head you should do that used to do you we he we are not intended read a letter and our brand that.