Dana & Jayson - Solitary Refinement: Justin Paperny

Tuesday, September 17th

One of the two main characters at the center of the college admissions scandal is heading to prison, and for some reason Dana is a little jealous. Knowing that Desperate Housewive's star Felicity Huffman will be serving two weeks after pleading guilty to paying tens of thousands of dollars to help raise her daughter's college entrance exam scores, Dana has been wondering how relaxing and recharging this time might actually be for the actress. Rather than just let Dana paint her own picture about what Ms. Huffman should expect, Jayson called on an expert and invited Justin Paperny​, the director of White Collar Advice, to join the show and give us a more accurate depiction. Is it going to be a small vacation in the big house? We found out this morning on San Diego's  Alternative.​