Dana & Jayson - Sock it to Me

Friday, April 13th

​I guess you could call it a wardrobe malfunction, or maybe just a human malfunction, but Jayson had a problem this morning. A new problem. One of the drawbacks of morning radio is trying to get ready in a dark without waking your significant other. This proved to add an extra obstacle to Jayson being a functioning human being today, and Dana found out why. If we have to know, YOU have to know.


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It's 530. Friday. And I know better. Thirsty Thursday happened back at at at an open. I know battered and you know battered oh I don't I know about it you know better that I should be drinking on a Thursday night guys know better about bout. But you didn't do anything about it you leaned into it and kept serving me merger with Yahoo! so many different types of craft speaker Jason and I were in the gas lamp last night we are the stone tasting room freeware. See how it's so hard to move into 45 can collect. 2:45 in the morning well when my alarm on. That are say they're going like. It's really hard getting up at 2:45 in the morning. It's usually what a pleasure and I and ice so Phil what a pleasure that I wasn't slow move bag of I don't know a slow lady. Well I would like you do journey with me in my rock bottom. Because I woke up this morning and I always put leave out my clothes. So I don't bug. By fiat they can T yeah I do the same things we don't discernible lights on your bedroom well. I thought ad put out socks. Now and I can only find one. You didn't Wear one sock. Luckily for me. Mike beyoncé. Had its dirty socks in issues. By outdoor foot putt putt there. Currently where coach Red Sox or because he's fancy like that you're wearing dirty dress socks because they connect flying to my other thought. I found my other stock. No I'm not home it's in near mountain and its then he's wiggling his pants when you left it didn't. There's your other soccer I never thought what to Wear it like hairs on net liking that is sad. It was stuffed up your leg and you didn't notice you just notice that I did that has to have a to our heads now I have to make sure put both of the other pair thought oh this just what you have to locate yourself and be like I need to make changes to. Don't you be drinking on the week they're the you don't need to be drinking on the weekdays. I don't need to be drinking on the weekdays no one in this studio needs to be drinking on the weekdays but it wasn't our fault. That doesn't matter what your stock was still in your pat flags. Here whose father says there's no one to blame but ourselves I'm just gonna put the sock in my little backpack album. What do you feel about wearing your fiance is dirty socks is that I don't know what more sad that I'm wearing my beyond these dirty thought that time debating and like which direction should we go mobile aren't the fact that I we nearly did not fill you belong here now with a sock implanted on your lag. Are you workers turn this ship where. And it turned it around and you're gonna be a cat that the comfortable now. But that's like who we really are late that's a good picture of our show I found the missing stock. In my pant leg and now I'm holding unit and that's leg hairs on. A.