Dana & Jayson - Sober vs. Wasted

Tuesday, May 30th

​A recent study suggests that alcohol doesn't change your personality, and that you're the same sober as when you're tipsy after a few drinks. Dana didn't believe this, so we put it to the test to find out if Jayson would answer three questions the same sober, and after a few. Totally the same. Totally.

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Your personality is exactly the same of what you're sober. As when you're tipsy after a few major X a study says alcohol doesn't change people's personalities but so we always think. I am actually air really fun drunk I'm actually a super happy drug pork. He's an angry drunk man and apparently that's not shrew according to research it's just. You slightly magnified apparently. Don't we why not over the big drinking week out and put this study to the real test well I didn't put it to the test your fiance but its habitat is were dating and Jason FM 94 night in San Diego's alternative Jason had a few too many of the weekend. Two bottles to Manning and his fiance decided to ask him a series of three questions so these three questions that sober Jason answered. What's your favorite menu item and talk about. I would say it's the number three. Crunchy supreme beef no less and then to be Supreme Court keydets with no let us. You wanna get married. Yes idea of I have to say about that and how do you feel about Dana. I loved Dana from the bottom of my heart she's my best friend soul mate for life I cannot tell you. How much I love her no matter wise. And I love her that was over but I kinda liked sonic straight people I love that thrill. I gat Ed. Regardless now drunk she said as is the exact same three questions. To figure out whether or not is she does seem Jason orders his personality really change after two bottles of wine with your favorite. Taco Bell I enter Swiss. I would now hold. All clothing mills. Taco Bell because that I would of known all of them that I could make it great to assist them. Because I just killed. I think I am a virgin. And going into the end down just tell me everything don't you meal went to see 4567 a situation. Give me apprehend thing. I fighting drug Jason really of music I'll take you I'll move and under question number 20 do you wanna get married. Lured I've been waiting to get married. For ten. I think here is the first time I met in now going think I'd thought was dear god this is that it. Man that I'm going to marrying a. That's that's so are you. I might be kind of craving so urging of those play. If he's not the man that I'm going to marry a I'm gonna break him down until he believes. That. I'm going to marry him. If that wish your answer about your fiance. I am terrified. About what you said about may. How much do you love Dana. You all may be crying men get flagrantly and it would occur and love it. I do slightly below error is so. Mo and now it. Where is so. And you know. The third and long term core rules there. Did you notice how I got more emotional talking about you did about getting married to my fiance. I mean that's just serving but I also feel like you've done that reaction about me so yeah. So I guess it's your things you are in the same drum again so we're gonna just slightly more extreme at a.