Dana & Jayson - Smash Smashing Pumpkins

Tuesday, June 12th

​Last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the Smashing Pumpkins debuted their first new music in 18 years that featured the original founding members. The song is called Solara, and since Dana practically bleeds flannel and dark eyeliner, we took a listen to the new track, and weighed in on new Pumpkins music. What would the verdict be? Is Dana mentally transporting to 1997? You'll have to listen to find out.

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All money for nine San Diego's alternative or Damon jays and new smashing pom cannons. Gay aghast at. Get a cat sorry. I was straight. Parent lanes Smashing Pumpkins premiered a brand new single on Jimmy Fallon last night and I have hardly no new news that. This single is called solera. It's coming up from there is. Three new EPs they're about to release before their. I didn't know they're gonna do news stuff I don't like I was so into the amateur in the ninety's that it was actually like a weird painful experience. It is literally everything nineties bride and she would have listened to every banned from the ninety's and was dedicated to them she had a little dark spirit and her out there was like so many finals so many that blood type I think is plan plan on heavy eyeliner exactly. I actually had a moments this week where who bullet with butterfly wings lose playing on alt and I said. Amateur in the suburbs of my children can experience this and and I was like actually know this dark dark. Like you guys should know this music but now. I help you did through reflection on our mouth still what I like to do is the role. Brand new old muse Eric from these ninety's bad news data hat. I think we should put this in the music to the test and see if dean is ninety's grunge curl of truth. It's not these refugee girl okay. Okay just so you know. Endorphins are Russia. And get it feels Smashing Pumpkins so it feels the same it feels like bullet with butterfly wings it feels like. Melancholy and the infinite sent. But the producer did say that it would it feels like classic pumpkins that so that's why the endorphins started kick OK if they changed their sounds. I wouldn't have had that reaction but Ocalan back to the music. I'm torn because I want to light can they. The endorphins are starting to go away and I'm sorry crave like. News. I'm like ever doubt that it. Like I late kid but I don't know quite good like the new Smashing Pumpkins like. I did go back to the old. But now I'd build more or leg. Will it help if you know what the lyrics are. Yet but I can't understand it and it's sound it feels like it's yelling at me yeah I just wanna go to lake and a safe place like amused are may be like Radiohead staple plays like you know. Out right. About right okay but I don't then unholy Fe high and dry day that's suing a little dark and then I mean that's not who I am well either other. Dogs that are gonna be on the EP as seat and you shall destroy it and now tonight on that mauled is that any of this let me. And it all checks out okay that doesn't mean it like Indian. The very end. Okay data at that time. Oh yeah hot tracks that are all right all right daddy well I'll tell us right now I'm. YT 30 yeah now the heart isn't willing but the pumpkins are we. At that now. You doubt lie get right to I'd still analog bit IE. And even I'm gonna go listen 1979.