Dana & Jayson - Sir Paul: Jack Royally Bailed

Monday, June 24th

Producer Jack was in the presence of royalty on Saturday night, but the manner in which he got there has Jayson peeved. While attending a very posh downtown wedding, Producer Jack found himself across the street from Petco Park, where Paul McCartney was performing. Considering this a weird coincidence and nothing else, Dana & Jayson's producer enjoyed the festivities throughout the night until a friend and fellow attendee offered him an extra ticket to slip out early and catch Sir Paul at Petco. Naturally Jack accepted the invitation and bowed out a little early, but Jayson can't believe he would be so thoughtless toward the bride and groom. Since this wasn't going to get figured out in studio, Dana & Jayson hit the phones to find out if our listener family would side with Sir Jayson, or Sir Jack. Royally bailing this morning on San Diego's Alternative.