Dana & Jayson - Sharing Ain't Caring

Tuesday, April 24th

Jayson doesn't like to share. When the entire Dana & Jayson show crew traveled to Indio for Coachella this weekend, the drinks were flowing, and Jayson's selfishness was showing. What was his deal? This morning on Alt 949 we broke down the situation, his reaction, and why he's clearly out of his mind. What happens at Coachella obviously doesn't stay at Coachella. 

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As somebody far nine San Diego's alternative is it where Damon Jason and I you just did this like really heartwarming segment about something that I'm going through with a friend of mine get there is. It was good news but I'm going to turn. The tables. Now they did a different direction units heard it on media about the good news about beer and a good news about you don't. Is actually it's just actually something that I learned this weekend. But no there was more left to learn about it. I learned Lowe was it was because. We are three strangers picked to Livan house over the weekend and it was a real world style Coachella roomy as myself Jason producer Jack and some in that I learned. Jason finds it painfully impossible. To shareware and others towel yet I learned that I knew that app that I know there. I knew though. I mean I'd let court all right I though it was just reinforce it was just will I I would go I would push you even further producer Jack to say that I believe. It was at a new level. I saw actual physical repercussion. Of an having to share let's clarify. I was OK with sharing with you two fold and your significant other is because that's what with discussed previously before leaving you're mentally prepared to share correct I and I know that was a strategy I should probably start implementing now my four year old and a but Jason wasn't mentally prepared. She shared alcohol. With others. So now we weren't the only ones at Coachella are other co workers were there as well there were bleachers that's what they were. I don't think that the leaks it that's what they were. But like that's that unless and I'm playing OK so there were other bottom feeders. They're very tied call them threat. So our approach we had it we had a house and right next to us was another small house to open. And I guess it relates four coworkers yeah squatters. That means that there there without permission which is and where they were there without permission and you drink you may help you mean the people that invited us. Yeah so anyway Jason. Do you plan to advance I do know that Jason that they that he's most passionate about is alcohol and food. So that's that thinks he feels very comfortable spending his money on everything else in this world makes him very uncomfortable this morning but those are his two passions. And he thought about 200 dollars and all the alcohol that was going to be used between all of us. I was so happy to you that you loves doing it I did loved area and I knew it was going to be a great time until what happened Saturday morning. We had a good time at the pool in our coworkers I would say that's silent assassin at those Baker's. But there. They came here first of all we were having most of by the poll. But before we even opened the bottle of champagne that per cent who did not spend that dying on this campaign decides to pop it open are pouring drinks for everybody but without the person who did not contribute to the alcohol where would you have been sleeping Friday night thank you let have her blob up off the like he tells you know it needs now now OK just leaked out don't mean to them but so you were you start having physical anxiety yes that line that you like I would smile at you like death and so happy to share this with you but that smiled and reached my eyes. And I saw that and then I saw him a but getting lake shifting in his seat and getting more uncontrolled because this large violent per Sacco. Yeah went pretty quickly with outlet like five port that was gone and that hearse that. Who opened up the bottle of champagne and you'll remember this forever because it's etched in your hearts that page you want me to go get some more champagne that you bots know Reid and Kennedy said you wanted to go get another bottle from their French that I bots. He didn't say like I did go into my health and go take my goods and beat it amongst all of you what does that but I mean to meet its slate. We're having a party late the more people that can be part of a number wanna join and it's fun it was wind it would now as good conversation and not only that the party was like. Eight of us it's not like I played thirty people showed up they really are it was us our little group and then four other co workers that I was like. And lovely experience spending time what you just shoot me off and tell me your thoughts on again off staying and what ended up happening was I went into panic mode because pat. Well this campaign was gone that we spent that money on and so we had to go to the grocery store and go by six additional and see how easy it was and CL easier was the folks at the Villa we provided the party the party and your great host Don not. And actually I'm Erica I don't know.