Dana & Jayson - Sexchella

Monday, April 23rd

Producer Jack was **** blocking Dana this weekend at Coachella, without even knowing it. In the Dana & Jayson home base at the Emerald Desert RV Resort in Indio, a war of degrees was waged, with Dana's sex life hanging in the balance. Is ANYBODY this high maintenance when it comes to love making? Probably not, but we put it to the test this AM on Alt 949.

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Jack was being a block this week he said I. You've RD curse twice today I'm gonna kick UV do it again Monday there if you will as sank unintentionally so I have no idea there we were roommates this weekend act Coachella. It was it was like the full. Real world experience living with Jason Jack and our significant others said it's like the first time in over a year Dina and her husband was away from their children that's actually true that's. Each whirlwind. Never and so we were calling this weekend instead of Coachella sex child on this sex Cha when you were calling at that. I I had. Because dad and husband were going to be able to get it on without any interruption of children right. Until producer Jack came to play the Ebenezer Jack decided suits the bore all the plans for sex Chela what I do. Dana is very high maintenance when it comes to lovemaking and I don't know if you you know good here it's upwards of someone like this or of Dana is just crazy or you would like to join the conversation at 6195701949. But Dina has a certain temperature or. That the house or room she's staying at have to be. To get it on. Which is. 74. Degrees and we're all living in the same house over the weekend and 74 degrees to producer Jack is basically got. That's the Sahara that is that in the Palm Desert yeah. You and I are literally six degrees of settling. Yeah my perfect temperature is 68 in their eyes now we have temperature wars in the studio yet though producer Jack. Started sweating oh god to be at a sweating in the seventies as Diaz producer Jack at the bigger guy very tall. He needs to keep body temperature up I had been wearing a fur coat all day NATO or Erica. I didn't know deaths but at the time did it has been had already turned up the heat just it was getting by and you want to make sure he was going to be able to get it on. With her I I didn't even considered the thermostat but everybody else was considering the thermostat because you are so high maintenance. They'll only mission. For that weekend was for next Chela with excellent and so all of us that then big gets turned down to 68 when it was you know that are. That before me and my fiance. Notice that until I had a run over there and start turning it up. See I thought that I thought I was having the normal competition with you know I like about seventy in and I would see him as it 7273. I was too busy turns up Blake. Let's have still play Kelli getting crazy and wild when you have a little bit of respect go you were gonna get it on like creepy guy in my mind oh yeah. But you had to have the right temperature because he won't take off your clothing now that it's too cold now and us nearly perfect San Diego weather so basically there is this war between producer Jack and every other male in that house yet that he didn't doubt I had no idea this is going on now exactly but eventually you glad to have an a confrontation a publication they producer Jack if you put your finger on that temperature one more time I'm going to come after you know I think we compromised since like 71 are we did we did -- by the study like home. Different may. I got it on it was 71 degrees. As a first. You know what it's like Dana are you. Poverty since had to be had to. Odd lot of attention what's going on between the house suggested that data can have sex over a matter of degree has the.