Dana & Jayson - Server Error

Thursday, November 7th

​The service industry is tough. Anyone who has worked as a server knows how taxing and trying it can be, and those are on good days. Last night, Jayson and his husband Jared skipped the dishes and went out for dinner. While most of the meal was relatively uneventful, when it came time for a post meal coffee, Jayson and Jared got more than they asked for when their poor server inadvertently dumped an entire container of half-and-half all over them. As a former server for much of her life, Dana could immediately related to both signs of this sad coin, and recounted one of her own particularly painful experiences with spillage, but knew the bar could be set much higher. Could our listener family top our tales of tedious restaurant service? Coming to the table with some stories this morning on San Diego's Alternative.