Dana & Jayson - Send It All Back

Friday, February 23rd

We love stats that don't make any sense, and this morning, we couldn't believe this one. Research suggests that 3% of us would NOT send back food at a restaurant, even if the entire order was wrong. Dana is pretty sure she knows someone in that 3%. Any guesses? We found out this AM on Alt 949.


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There's something not right about the statistic. 3% of Americans. Would not acts send food back at a restaurant. Even if the entire meal. Was wrong for data and Jason all money for nine San Diego's alternative. I just saw that this morning Andy and what bothers me is I believe that the person sitting next to me is in the 3%. You'd never complain when things are wrong. No doubt that I would add that's Latin comfort patient. I don't I don't understand at 3% but you are that 3% the I'm definitely I would think at higher because why are people mean. It's not being need miss it OK Jason if you went to brunch. And this is adjacent always does he super boring super finale he orders a lame ass burger. No matter where we Delhi some place is known for pancakes he orders of blame burger in some places over chicken legs he utters a lame burger. So you what are your lame burger death medium. Mean him and then what comes out is a chicken sandwich than any particular thing much you want to chickens now what you. You order a burger. And the. An omelet comes out that late unless there's something wrong with the L have ever told you that story about one time with that Cracker Barrel. I don't believe I've noticed a lot of the Jason file bad do I. Ordered eat chicken salad. That they get the chicken salad please come and IE communicated him. Properly. And the way that you said it was not cracked exactly. She gave me not like a green salad with chicken on how Gatti of course he would like chicken salad sandwich it yet. And I ate the chickens out there much and did that get. You think you don't water the chicken salad sandwich Cracker Barrel at a. But but but but a chicken salad. OK that's your missed you don't ought to speak English most of the time both the times though but the time I do blame me but that's probably ordered the art lover co op that they did go Berger a given that it Nike said it was your mistake okay. But it's still send it back Jason honestly. You're so weird about money yet when it comes to food your very happy to spend money on that and now Oklahoma cracked. OK so if you're spending your money that you care about so much then why don't you want what you. Order to do you not have fear of what will happen and see you like your food once you send it now. Because I don't think that things really happened okay. That's something different between us and then slowly you don't have proof your just making up your own and and I worked in restaurants all my life I it to one element I've only did the first summer than I. That but that's why you didn't see anything bad happen now. The US through as good as them and then to. You're gonna ruin that persons that you're making a bigger deal about ordering the wrong thing than it is it's not a big deal you know. Howell it would go down between me and the waiter a ballots up reenact OK I mean I'm a server OK so it now can I get to anything else you need any catch up or you guys OK I am so sorry for what I'm about to tell you and I don't wanna tell you that hollering and is everything OK everything is fine. And it's going to be fine. I've promised Theo. I do and I don't want to tell you deaths OK but. IA. You nevermind I thought yeah are you kidding okay. First of all OK there's something wrong with Yale coach not me if you do you think the wake I don't yeah. But either way out wage would definitely be spit it in my particular Jason Blake. Bill level at which you are paranoid makes no sense okay no sense all right and this is how I would duet ready. And would you like any rants with that. You know what I'm so sorry I actually. Ordered aid worker and her. And this I didn't owner chickened Josh but it's no worries but do you think that I can get the bird like number noted the medium burger. My whole days are and think yeah. And oddly leaky about is that woman with a purple hey are you say is I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I and allowing not gonna get a tap because they hate but I am getting yes I wanted to wait not a big deal to get your burger because that's how long it takes to cut back there. And then all your Friday we'll have the you've already decided that you have got down a dark rabbit hole everyone's going to be drinking and you won't be having fun. I think the world would be a better place if we just accept that things that are given to us there is something wrong with the yet.