Dana & Jayson - Self-Partnered

Wednesday, November 6th

​Make some new room in your vocabulary thanks to Harry Potter star Emma Watson. During a recent interview, the actress provided some unique prospective on being single, what it means to her, and how she fights a societal stigma about choosing not to be in a relationship. In the process, she coined a new phrase that neither Dana or Jayson had ever heard before, but seemed to really impactfully take the power back for "self-partnered" people everywhere. To help use this new phrase in a sentence, Jayson decided to bully one of our freshly single co-workers into the studio to try it on for size, and the results weren't exactly what he had hoped for. Would this new way of looking at the single life bring a positive connotation to an old cliche, or just add insult to injury. We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.