Dana & Jayson - Scary Stacy: Check-In Day | May 16th

Wednesday, May 16th

Check-in day has arrived you SOBs, and Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster is relentless. Since Jayson ghosted Stacy, his personal trainer, she has been back with a vengeance, trying to keep Jayson in line with his weight loss goals for his upcoming nuptials. Well Wednesday has arrived, and Stacy is back to check-in on Jayson's progress. Has Jayson been following the rules? We found out with another scary encounter with Dana & Jayson on Alt 949. 


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As solid 949 San Diego's alternate I hope you know what day it is. Not a guy that's right. Actually that just infinitely baby starts adding again heart palpitations on taking my jacket off all my god you sharp. Oh yeah that's Jason's suites. Lovely Angel of a trainer and today its second day because we are a little over two months till the day of Jason's wedding and you want the ultimate bridal body I know that she's scary I had to bring in scary seated at ness monster the trainer you'd been ghosting for about five months and this is a week three of your new diet regiment. And workout regiment and Wednesday's second day Stacy. So we started our upper stretch out polls. Can't writing our column and ahead eight grant you diet yet and I waiting act how wonderful week. And no there's no idea that all of fake in a bowl now. Can I ask a question just Serb personal art to double cheeseburgers. From McDonald was included on that diet plan what. I'm speechless. I hope global movement about large Fries and a nugget fleas are gonna Dina you lying humane and what about a large Coke dinner but he said I'm gonna be delayed. That oh yeah yeah yeah. Whenever there. I don't know I don't know it's. Who rob. Meet this week I want my act opera that Coke milk. Eighteen lie ye. Where's he getting that I have ever is thinks it my hands. Apparently act I had a good bit lucky to law. We go we'll let also CC is part of the summer shred down the yellow tail Chardonnay Madonna than about bread shop and oh. Well yeah like little corner. They'll hold on hold on their receipts come in the form of a text message exchange with Jason's little sister. She texted me why do you know who I can't a. Should he get out your little sister rat not you know yet what he had an alcoholic not in a great. It's progress. Yet because. This weekend was a little sister's graduation bash it's not my fault. They all my little sister beaded mean your fortunate GR. And I don't like to say that I have a text message that reads I never mentioned anything I'll get any mcdonalds that was all his idea. It. The value basically week in quite. A little not him him now regularly connect negativity and it hit it fat like yeah. Car wreck that you are better wrap it me or dot dot she's dropping you know Noelle you're better. Yet back out what can they do I'm out of the boot but I OK I'm O. You make good morning at got the really popping at off. Okay. What can guide you to make you happy and laughing at this point about the thought I thought I think Scott got a OK to discuss. The I promise that liked ultimatum as no cheating at all this week. I'm not even brought. Oh late try to political party try try to meet clean you're not clean right now a bit dirty her charity he's got his license. I got saying I need to be staked. Yeah it could be back. This is taking a weird. I have. Like those claret you know I. I tax Stacey we appreciate the check in this morning Jason will be following up with a face time with you later and now in the amount app. And I you know wait and that he would I haven't got that isn't it. Two weeks now. Yeah I mean either way I. I can't get out of that.