Dana & Jayson - Scary Stacy | Check-In Day: June 13th

Wednesday, June 13th

Get ready. Get set. We're ready to watch Jayson sweat when his trainer, Scary Stacy the Fitness Monster, joins Dana & Jayson for her weekly check-in. After a a rough time last week, and a surprise weekend engagement party complete a lot of champagne and questionable choices, did Jayson hit his goals enough to buy himself another week of Stacy's guidance? Grab a towel, hit the treadmill, and find out what happened this morning on Alt 949.

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Get ready get set let's get ready to watch Jason sweats wits Jerry Stacy doesn't fit his monster. Hey you got about. Sure the night. Feel like this is it to be continued version. When they check in with your trainer that happens every week on our show on Wednesdays you are. Less than two months away from the last day there KO and your goal is to have the perfect bridal body you go see your trainer for five months but I brought her back in your life but you have cheated so badly every week. That last week she told you were unworthy to be her clients. Let's revisit that moment I'm spending New Delhi it always is. In net yeah. I'm not speaking you are three day all old. Reevaluate. Your goal here. And then I want to know why you're worthy of cutting back I think you should have to write that down. I do I do yeah I am and this morning Stacy. And we. All learned the. Okay. You wonder fleet ten and to rip Stacy. How I love you I would like to apologize for my pizza it took pole lay and cheap wine addiction had. Again you're turning this gender Ella from her housework slash broke down south to the Belle of the ball and yet I have smashed the pumpkin carriage. I apologize from my heart and I hope that one today I will be ready are you. My au prince charming to put the glass that are on my butt and hopefully it will fat and last but not least. The only reason why I did at least wait this week with because dared tell me I don't salad that came about but the bottom. And he's in the corner yeah. And that great at Indy I tried it you know OK get your fault oh yeah. What are unique. Tell her about the topic John and oh Keller about the we you have a lot of them yeah I. Try to hurry out split. All do it because of the most all of this is a tall wrapping it in number one no. Not. Rants. That but I'm not getting any lord of the a baby where. But in that can you change what could be done. And yet. What did you think. A what IE eight. Oh white beds but how a group. I've Slavic. You. Can't know though it's better than it's over the phone thank you get your lucky that all good and it can get I just don't studio debt can be and. Though alumni are so firm here Harry he's still suspended. But I miss our tax Methodists. Don't care I don't care I don't hear you heard. And it might. Not look I'm about. Yes ma'am but. Hey hey yeah like yard field together can you mood anyway well I maintains it in the game. She only partly for lack and I and I mean all day but you're not. Yeah. And dobbs. And it. No. It's. Yet that they got. So. Let me think about cabinet or buy side Powell. Yeah that threat again now not rat backed tropic as I'd like I love you. No one that I well OK I am sorry what. Is what is the back or act or. Oh that hurt another visit from scary Stacey good fitness monster and it capped a day he's got about.