Dana & Jayson - Scary Stacy | Check-In Day: July 11th

Wednesday, July 11th

​After a holiday week, a lot of 4th of July activities, and countless hot dogs consumed, Jayson is facing the music. He might have gotten a one-week reprieve from his trainer, Scary Stacy, but she's back for another check-in day, and Jayson is rightfully sweating bullets. With his wedding only a few weeks away, will the Fitness Monster show a little sympathy, or will Jayson be torn a new one. We're pretty sure we know what'll happen, but you should listen anyway.

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Get ready get set let's get ready to watch Jason sweats wits Jerry Stacy doesn't get his monster. Hey I got about. You this last week because of the holiday. So this one is gonna have an extra punch. Well Stacy. Went out of the gate to the wet that the seat to indicate the white and that means we are currently golf. Well. I think Philly. Should just ripped the band they often start with some shrewd though no I only delivering up. I don't believe you know I'm telling her about the suit Doug got tired of the thing I have a dollar amount does it from muscle and Stacy. He had to go to what Taylor. The suit doesn't bet no data. Why. You'll wedding you'd draft. The flat out. Europe they really got that Ronnie stays he would add to be let out though. I laugh he then I would love to see that look at that they said that hail. I mean in united batter meek and I believe you were Whitney and and that you're nutrition and really hope. Didn't detail third didn't ask can't that he took at citizens though. Wow edgy than you little. And and I think that I really believe this DC from my heart that it's all been muscled Gade on admire it well early sat up laid out. I get it yet you could try to help me up at eight and a half now but we didn't let it speak for a week that you gonna do it at the UY who's close. And now they get now look at it like. It ain't pretty neat if you like it call it why can he get we can't happen. He didn't completely agree. Yeah exactly that that is exactly what it was weird huh. You sound exactly like we have we have. And what brought you where I think program. What when you say programs for the flat out tell me my throat yet about what are already you have been on a program. Safety the question is can you work a miracle on seventeen days I can't believe it's seventeen days away I've actually sliding now. I can. I'll bet I've done a lot of damage and what that scene they mean got me know what you would have been like to get out duck but boy you could actually enjoyed decked out for a couple weeks. But not guilty of programming and teller now. Moves to you've tailors. At Wrigley. Every other day lets you need it and make every other day check that's. We can't gay you're hot sea gate and that's the big Steve every day next week that. No question that you got to elect you could the well. Go out and options okay does that tell you pride like this now. I'll get spam and every reporting your body there at Alec cute and at that point in view what are you want to eat white tank. I. Ooh that hurt another visit prevents Gary's daisy the fitness monster and it's cat and I thought about. If you want to drink or you once you he did find another search Rainer I think it diarrhea heading right now that it.