Dana & Jayson - Rock N Roll Happy Hour: Thanksgiving Edition

Wednesday, November 22nd

The food is already handled, and the booze will be flowing, but in San Diego we expect a little more. Rather than just downing a dozen domestic somethings, Dana & Jayson want to get you prepped to be the ultimate Thanksgiving beer snob. This morning, we invited our friend, and beer and food guru Dr. Bill to join the show for a special Turkey Day edition of the Rock N' Roll Happy Hour. He gives us his picks for local beers that pair amazingly with all the Thanksgiving favorites.

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The top four San Diego craft Beers that Karen bass with your Thanksgiving feast we're gonna hear what they are right now where dean and she's send out 1094 and I in San Diego's alternative god I love acting like I know what I'm doing when it comes to beard impressing people aren't as with six packs of so that's why we wanted to do dissident you could bring. Local craft Beers that pair perfectly with the Thanksgiving feast that you're either hosting or you're going sale but we don't know what though. Oh that's why we always bring an expert on to do these rocket not happy hour morning additions doctor bill he's the CEO and co-founder of wild barrel brewing company here in San Diego and it bill. You'll know about this this is what you GO. He's actually IA known to have your call master pairings were I a state that I compare any. Food item in the world with a beer and I can you camp with a little practice. The unique thing about Thanksgiving is that it that traditional American that's the one behind where multiple issues on the table at the same time. Craft beer so personal it's amazing that people don't have a number of different Biersch style on the table with them look perfect. Example with the lock step the red barn which is a belt and takes on style six point 7%. It's quite with a little black pepper orange peel greens occurred which is kind of a part of mom and ginger and so that it's just corporate or roast Turkey. But cranberry sauce or even. When green bean count. I thought I hate you for taking beyond this you're well military daily burns and. Yeah I mean the user kind of things that work we have a bureau that while Earl called tipster lot take your day's most for copying milk stout. And that's great with dessert it goes perfectly with Connor pumpkin pie. But also what you like to do that old school can't began with marshmallows he'll play across that also just wonderfully. You're literally hitting gain at leveling I was smiling as you speak into. Or have a different style out there and another class. After that works wonderfully is Neil Smit net brown ale now if anybody has nut allergies are no net harmed in the making of the spear but it does capital. Wonderful wrote in perspective and Eddie Turk to restrict something biscuit. Host net net. Goes great with the stopping whether it. Hostage stopping Gordon oysters stopping you'll go great with that toasty. In on the Turkey itself and it all through next thing because of the bitterness so rich daddy things like mashed potatoes with a lot of butter on them. What else has then that this is a almost getting me emotional and I'm getting in contact tie exactly. I've why you keep going on and on in on him but did you pick just one more and tell us what Thanksgiving food the local beer should be paired west. Sure Amber Hill are great so one of the grand fathers of that in San Diego would be urgent bastard heel. Made by your during Porsche don't excellent got some pint and the classic San Diego poppy. Profile but also has horrible and poppy so that just those across the power once again and covers everything from the Turkey to the stopping to. It is it is even lighter here so I think it's a wonderful come in. This knowledge is power that's all I'm saying that this Thanksgiving Day doctor bell from wild barrel bright he ran it down at the four local craft Beers that will go bass with your Thanksgiving dinner and if you missed any of what he said are you couldn't rated down as you're driving good FM 949 SDs FaceBook page or instead Graham account and there's an image there see concede all broken down 30. All of those are available at that Mo accepting art because we haven't started packaging but I will say. This Thanksgiving we will be open from ten to two did you crawler still can't growl or. Albania are Beers and any but it would love to hear what their Thanksgiving dinner. We're giving you a very quiet slow clap and that's wild barrel brewing company. In San Marcos thank you so much we really appreciate your time this morning. Thanks guys enjoy your Thanksgiving cheers.