Dana & Jayson - Ride or Die: An Uber Apology

Tuesday, July 16th

​Jayson has some explaining to do. Now, normally he owes these types of apologies to Dana, Producer Jack, or our listener family as a whole, but this morning somebody else deserves an explanation. Over the weekend, Jayson attended the Pride Festival in Balboa Park, and after a few too many cocktails, he attempted to responsibly make his way home using a ride sharing app. This is the last part of the story that resembles anything logical... After seven combined incoming and outgoing calls, a skewed pickup location, and then a healthy serving of ghosting, no ride actually happened. This morning on Alt 949, since his original ride share driver refused to waste more time with him, we welcomed a surrogate to join the show, and accept Jayson's apology. Would Jayson's passenger rating take a hit for this one? Odds were yes, this morning on San Diego's Alternative.