Dana & Jayson - Repeat Avenger

Friday, June 14th

A Florida man is trying to set a World Record by viewing Avengers: Endgame 200 times while it remains in theaters, and obviously Dana thinks this is insane. Having already crossed over the 100 viewing threshold by catching several showings during every work week, and jamming in an additional 4-5 runs on weekends, Agustin Alanis has the record in his sights, and hopes to put himself and the final installment of the Marvel saga at the top of the list. This morning on Alt 949, this story had Dana, Jayson, and their Producer Jack wondering if there are really ANY movies that are worthy of that many repeat viewings. Rather than just argue amongst ourselves, D&J hit the phones to find out what movie (if any) our listener family would find even remotely worthy. What made San Diego's list? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.