Dana & Jayson - Ray Day: Brad from Nomad Donuts

Monday, December 2nd

A Yelp review from a regular customer of Nomad Donuts in North Park has gone viral thanks to the compassionate response from the neighborhood staple's owner. After a one-star review was left by a regular patron of the popular confectionery spot complaining about the constant presence of a member of San Diego's homeless population, one of the co-owners Brad, had to step in and try to share his feelings online. It turns out that Ray, the homeless gentleman in question, is himself a regular staple of the Nomad Donuts building on 30th street, and is considered a friend by Brad and many other members of the staff. After Dana & Jayson saw the compassionate, kind, and honest response Brad left online, they knew they needed to talk to him on Alt 949, and this morning they did just that. How did a moment of online reflection lead to a viral wave of compassion for Brad, Ray, and Nomad Donuts? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.