Dana & Jayson - Quarter Life Crisis

Tuesday, March 20th

According to research, a huge percentage of millennials are going through a quarter life crisis, worrying away about finances, relationships, and the future. Rather than take science's word for it, Dana & Jayson checked in with their resident anxious millennial, Producer Jack. After hearing the fear in his voice, they decided it might be a good idea to hit the phones and let our listener family #jointhefamily and #jointheconversation to vent their own concerns.


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You may be going through a quarter life crisis right now because according to research 60% of colonials. Are experiencing a quarter life Kris S I it's actually just saw this I was wondering. Is true here in San Diego at 619570194. And I can you say this is meet. So this actually a good opportunity to self diagnose. I'm gonna tell you this signs and symptoms if you are experiencing a quarter life crisis right now so it's people between 25 and 35 years olds you're probably dealing with financial and personal issues. So say you're not making enough money and you don't feel like there's a pet you can go to start making more money in your career right now. You hate your current job in some cases of you have relationship issues can't find someone worse dating world and aren't sure whether or not to settle down permanently. Sometimes failure in relationships. And like do I get married now our July week. Producer Jack you're going to or quarter life crisis. As well yeah. And yet this is this the eighth place Ellison battling thumb and we all love each other and it did and I are concerned for your welfare. Well we might have just saw this article does that we should bring us up and CEO Jack feels about it. How are you doing with your line with the well there's got to how many of those things. Did you check yes still quite a few plot quite a few of the financial stuff especially over because I feel like. In this age range you get to the point where it's no longer like. I'll figure it out yes that's like that's something that I have to worry about a decade from now it's not cute anymore Knoll and every dollar I spend now I'm picturing myself being an older person with. No job again retire they'll they've. You know jump into the tiny head. And handling and the other thing they keep thinking about is now convinced. That I have imaginary health issues and it's very health issue like yes I'm sure hampering cancer Els is going like that it's are you getting to the age now or I'm like everything must be going drawing inside and outside of my body so you feel worried about health issues Sarah yeah. And don't forget about whether or not you're gonna marry your girlfriend lets that out in the box that I don't have kids I have to hurry up and have kids and get married late in the whole of the stuff is just revolving around in my head all that this is producer Jack is 34 years old from noon. Well and then all that you bought a house that that's another thing of upkeep I love piling on and I like we've opened up like pandora's box and he's is going down a dark dark path right now. Which I don't need a lot of help going to yeah. Yeah brain tumor for. So really on top of the range and everything else is kind of an after thought yes I mean is so good. You talked about this stuff like you get this stuff out there in the open and I know this is kind of my health and feel right now. Especially the brain tumor cavity that myself. I'm convinced that's the other we think about have a brain tumor where I'm half. I'm half too old to worry about this stuff but also I actually have a child about this. I go to the you don't gonna dots are now know the way it worked beer because something might be wrong spaniel which is now populist moment and it if I go to the doctor though Tony I have brain cancer but if I don't. And I'll just die of the book. Don't worry about it though the right now our friend than a dark place that's this is slowly. If you wondered like exactly what you mean by quarter life crisis that's and yeah. Example I didn't mean walking anxiety. You have to be alone this morning it's 61957019. For an eye and this is our finally meet and there it is this is that we love family meetings really to be there for each other. And is this something you're excusing I do wonder is 60%. The kneels in San Diego L six on line by 701949. Area. All that's got all of us together that there were kind of figure some stuff out hey Brian good morning from downtown you morning hey are you going through a quarter life crisis has would you sank. I would say probably yeah yeah. Knowing where you self diagnosing as I was reading off some of the signs and symptoms. I doubt some have been telling you about like the last. Couple of months honestly like I'm 34 years old and like the financial sport isn't really the issue are more worried about like did with the rising palpably and everything and good owners and Diego city you also give a brain tumor. And I don't outrage you're. Yeah. Is that feeling like oh I'm not gonna be able to afford a house how is that even gonna work what does that need to look Blake. Yeah exactly a lag I I don't know how is it for like you are even actually wanna get. You do well here you are actually it is you want your own or whatever you're doing the audio. As the single person for the low low life. OK and can I ask are you dating anyone seriously right now narrow. OK okay I hate Bryant I've Ari do not answer any more furcal last time I holiday is intervene grave doubt because he's literally writing notes about I was I mean this is like the Brian file with the drag my ankles like the future simplest file help a lot of her friends that one of the things they said oh Mullen meals on. All I'm not role playing he wants to DD YL proud of radio now they role playing suggest that she's doing something that's not her and oh yeah. I am playing a stain. Right now like seriously though one of the things that it's sad that I found interesting is that double ideals find hard to find anyone worthy of DD. Settling down with have you found not to be your experience in the dating pool are horrible bra off -- days ago that's self awareness right there that's a good thing. What is it that you still like you wanna be more of a play here look I want. I'm ready for that that the bull like what Britain. I don't know why almost every relationship I've ever day and is being Jeremiah talk yeah yeah yeah it's like if this doesn't work out or whatever either okay. It's not really liked our fight equality Richards trying to find somebody who had been like complete garbage. Now when you say that it was your fault Lincoln that very self aware moment that you are happening that are just learn I still liked what is it that's holding you back it's. Odd that I heard. Really wanted to hear it you are all here obviously. Learn I got there are dealing with them awhile and I think he would catch them go to work go in my human life movement on but I you know I've gotten. Old at the border like it's gotten really hard yeah. I'll 34 that's like a great age did not you're moving castle is personal things and to me the experts. I'll go down a patent trial in a flurry knows that he's going to be with me at church and my god I've got out that I like your view it within six minutes. Pulled Breyer and out of his quarter life crisis that bullet yet because sometimes I'd I was in a quarter life crisis when I was 25 and and I needed to be pulled out of the pit it was like hot. Mass disaster. Just not sure why even why does and it was just a lot of things that I felt like I did wrong in my twenties who. Had to get there yet but you do get through it right do you feel encouraged by data that while you what you can be or when. Thankfully you're here man lying here like that where her around like I'm I feel like they're the life. Here when others didn't yeah blood on the bother me but I got to climb out of it. And. And I was just gonna say there's people that wanna pull you out too but that's dated and that is yeah that maybe you don't have to climb out alone of all I'm sorry I don't want to talk like this but it just blows up that the natural premium also Bryant I really know overly hot cool check for you if you wanna be set up her name's Alyssa that Alia comes on after us her she's the mid day host here panic or knighted she's a hot hot chick really cool. Our goal. And that's about. See you get involved but you just want to be the shady could yeah. Maker's style. Brian thank her mom talking this threw at us. Oh no problem whatsoever would you like those Jim Jeffries the comedian on Saturday march 24 sprinkles theatre downtown you are checked out a comedy show. We want to let you up oh thank you very much.