Dana & Jayson - Put Me In Coach: Dana's First Pitch with Tony Gwynn Jr.

Wednesday, August 14th

The San Diego Padres and the Tampa Bay Rays are squaring off today at Petco Park, but the real game is going on in the mind of our own Dana DiDonato. In the most questionable decision since trading Franmil Reyes, the top Padres brass decided to extend an invitation for Dana to throw out the first pitch before the game today, and honestly she's freaking the f*** out about it. Despite coming from a very athletic family, Dana's personal athleticism leaves a little something to be desired, so to help quell her self-doubt prior to the game today, Jayson called in a pinch hitter. Could former Padre and Dodger (and afternoon host on our sister sports station) Tony Gwynn Jr. help get Dana in the right state of mind? We covered all our bases and found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.