Dana & Jayson - The Purrfect Escape: Tony from the Cat Cafe

Wednesday, July 17th

​Comic-Con crowds can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed, regardless of how amazing the entire experience can be. Luckily for our San Diego listener family, Jayson has found the perfect escape to help you recharge your batteries, center your spirits, and be ready for a full weekend of con-related-activities. The Cat Cafe. If all that people watching and cosplaying gets a little much for you this weekend, Tony, the General Manager of The Cat Cafe on Third Ave downtown has the cure for what ails you: Cats. Lots and lots of cats. A popular destination for those looking to stay cool and get some quality kitty time can make reservations to beat the heat during the insanity of Comic-Con week, and Jayson is living for it. Can our man Tony help cure the crush of Comic-Con? Why is Producer Jack cosplaying as Catnip? Is Cat scratch fever a real thing? We have the antidote this morning on San Diego's Alternative.