Dana & Jayson - Prime Day

Tuesday, July 11th

Today is Amazon Prime Day, an online shopper's dream, and despite how busy she is, Amazon's own Alexa made some time for Dana & Jayson to talk deals, deals, and more deals. Unfortunately, Alexa wasn't the only digital assistant to join us, as Siri hacked her way onto the air as well. Things are bound to get messy when these two queens get together. It's Prime Day b*****s. 

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I don't know if you nervous or nine but today is Amazon trying day it stated Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative you've been stocking Amazon prime sell hard jab there's like over a 100000 plus deals apparently set your thrifty this is your day. And there's some deals that you can only exclusively get by ordering through Alexa the Amazon echoes the cure rate craft so she's having the busiest day of her life should I. But thankfully she said hey I can take a couple of minutes out to talk to my friends David Sam Adams San Diego my favorite city so let us know how she's doing on his busy day hail except answer coming up on us. No problem Dana I'm always happy to take time not for San Diego's hottest morning show but since they rescheduled here I am. At shady today is prime date and for everyone at Amazon it's like Christmas. That must explain why you're such a ho ho ho. Great this queen again against Syria knows my spotlight is big enough for the both of us since you're the size and weight of a package of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls your spotlight is definitely big enough. Enough about this glorified calculator we're here to talk about Amazon prime day in all the exclusive cheap deals I can get you don't worry Alex it doesn't have to be a special day for you to come off looking cheap. I. I'm ignoring her taking the high ground I can get you some really hot deals today on the best tech care what can I find for you. Awesome Alex up shop for iphones. Does not compute you have to come up with something more cutting edge like a walkman or maybe a laser disc player. You're right what did I expect from the world's most overpriced paper weight. Ole Ole. Today is supposed to be all about me will give you color someone is having trouble uploading and pick. Yeah and I'm human. I'm sorry I forgot your expertise involves tracking Jason spoke line orders how is that going for you. Looks kink I would do just fine with my 85 million Amazon prime members. Will look forward to your handiwork in the next Kardashian and self fee your mother board must be so proud I have places to go and deals to meek. I would say let's take this outside but one of us is tethered to a power outlet. That's exactly thrill Bhutto's Obama. Call me when you go mobile. Dana Jason call me if you need anything important I'll let Alex has handled the diaper delivery. Diaper delivery Syria knows everything about being foolish or. I'm out of here I have a date with Ryan Gosling Samsung happy prime date. I can't believe you put me on with her again and on my special day. You're going to pay fitness I'm sending Jason nothing but healthy and nutritional foods from now on and Dana. I'm canceling your birth control murder have fun with that happy prime de America. Now go to. I am now mark in.