Dana & Jayson - Pound Cake: Sexy Sara Lee

Wednesday, November 20th

Dessert items have never seemed sexier thanks to Saturday Night Live. If anyone is still watching the former late night mainstay, you might have seen one particular sketch that involved Harry Styles, and a whole bunch of fake, inappropriate tweets about Sara Lee desserts. If you didn't catch the sketch, Dana & Jayson have the audio, the reactions, and a whole series of inappropriate sounding treat names to make you blush in all the right ways. Considering the internet loves any opportunity to inundate a corporate social media account in times like this, the masses wasted no time logging in, following along, and providing their own questionable commentary on poor Sara Lee's social pages. What's the worst the internet could spit out? Why does 'Pound Cake' seem to have a new, dirty connotation? Why does Dana know so damn much about the real-life Sara Lee? We're not sure, but we ironed it all out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.