Dana & Jayson - Parent Fail: The DiDonato Art Studio

Tuesday, January 14th

​Scientific research suggests most parents screw up four times a week on average, but if you're actually a parent you probably don't need research to tell you what you already know. This morning, Dana threw herself on the mercy of the court, coming clean about how a simple question from one of her three daughters turned into a calamity of a parental fail. With a bundle of art related gifts flooding the DiDonato house over the holidays, Dana finds all three of her daughters pumping out refrigerator quality masterpieces on the daily, but when her girls had the idea to expand their brand, Dana gave too honest of a reaction. Now, knowing she'll probably need to figure out a way to walk the whole thing back, this morning on Alt 949 Dana & Jayson solicited for a lifeline of wisdom (or at least some other really good stories of blowing it big time). Would our listener family be able to step up to the plate? We found out this morning on San Diego's Alternative.