Dana & Jayson - Panera Proposal: The Reenactment

Friday, March 9th

ICYMI, Jayson forced Dana to get involved with a scheme to perpetrate a fraud against Panera Bread for free wedding catering. Yesterday, Dana forced Jayson to call the good people at Panera to come clean about his scam, and they were NOT amused. Since we were told we couldn't actually play the phone call on the radio, we decided to reenact the insanity instead. Truth is stranger than fiction (almost) this morning on Alt 949. Listen to the call and judge for yourself.


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First ball I love and there are Brad I think you guys are the greatest and I love a good bit tomato. Lethal soup it's delicious. Nothing but you can. Materially I have to confess something TO. I am actually a homosexual. It's. Yeah. And cookies I thought about it a child sexual who's going to be getting married in July 28. Think date and everything like that. Just let her respond to that. But we've got here is saying yes it will get a chase and saw the Panera Bread proposal sweeps. And it. The biggest stress for him in his whole engagement process has been paying for Decatur thugs and and then he saw Penner breads generous offer. And he decided that he wanted to. They aid proposal O. If we look for you. I will find you. That's pretty much down at. Who we're doing the official reenactment. Of what happened when nick. Jason had to have the ultimate confrontation with Panera Bread who offered to Kader his wedding. Which really isn't happening because he faked a proposal. On the we were not allowed to legally use. The clintons since a woman from Americans she was pets. And she told us we can't use that bubble we are using our our our clipped yeah from that conversation I had a mixed with movie quotes to represented. Her well and a OK here's another clip from the call the generally that's the truth that's the truth and so basically. I lied. And try to commanded the situation in. I need to apologize. Only true. Are you disappointed. If I Yolanda. Okay and then there's also another layer to this. That's wild that I have to confess there's more. And so we actually work for a radio station here in San Diego Altman for nine. And dean the woman who forced to pick a proposal is actually lead to a mornings here. What you just said. Is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling incoherent response but were you even close to anything that could be considered rational. But then that leads the means in my second question. Which is. Why do you I'd have to DOC you possibly get. Three catering for our with her family cannot put you I hear that. OK I have another brilliant idea for this great conversation we're having. Tent idea if wedding teetering skew somewhat new pots we might need it and last question and you word being wonderful and rate and representing an air brat like hands down Europe the most polite human beings that thank you. In it if if we did a different world the using that we would have been friends. Go ahead make my day. How disappointing. Is it a dunk that someone will lay day. Do a faith. Thing when you guys are trying to do something sound nice on Valentine's Day and. May oh god you. No god please don't you know I know yeah yeah. Couldn't leave me be on the had viewed to use some sort of like official. Like so our listeners can now like that he apologized. And you kept. He thing you know you always gonna say there.