Dana & Jayson - The Overnight Challenge: A Public Service Announcement

Friday, April 13th

The latest stupid internet trend is called the 24-hour Overnight Challenge. Basically teens head into restaurants or stores, hide behind some inventory, and try to spend the night in the closed businesses. At first Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack thought this sounded like a lot of fun, but after he watched the videos, he figured out they mostly just sit around. Rather than let them waste away behind a row of Best Buy washing machines, he came up with a trio of tips to help them be more productive.


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All money for nine San Diego's all turned over data and Jason and the overnight challenges that thing. I don't know if you've heard the overnight challenged it's led teenagers and twenty somethings. Are going into. It can be a box store it can be a restaurants. And they're finding a way to. So leap over once the story is closed. Which sounds like a relief fund thing because you think okay I'm in Toys 'R' Us a monopoly with toys I'm gonna do this summer to do that Iman a real live my childhood. Now they pretty much just hide behind boxes and sleep yeah. Oh right. It's producer Jack you're about data sit down with those participating in the overnight challenge yet I figure you're gonna spend 24 hours in the closed locked up story might find a couple of ways to be a little bit more productive. Hey there mr. or mrs. team America hook since. For some reason you decided filming yourself spending the night in chain stores and restaurants is a good idea getting. And you actually know the handy tips to help make the most of your time hiding behind all that adorable. Tip number one. White just glom onto one stupid Internet trend when you can come. And I'll think of how many more use your stupid videos won't get if you're hiding behind those stacks of dog food bags you start popping type plot and story problems. So I. Hit the tour warming something else. Since the Americans are just about dead last in every measurable academic category. I but why not utilize those hours hiding behind stacks of best buy washing machines like brushing up on some basic math and skill that's when talking about odds are at this rate you'll probably end up working of one of these stores eventually anyway and I can ninety viewership numbers really. Just apply mediate playing games so sample products meant a fort out of paper towels but remember it doesn't really matter if you stay there a date a week or the next year it still won't change the fact that your dad lives in Florida with his new family and he really doesn't think about you got off this lady involved too real. Just another set evidently tips from your friends here at all night before line there I think that really could elevate their experience. Everything the way good idea Jack.