Dana & Jayson - One Sweet Serving

Friday, November 3rd

With so much candy laying around from Halloween, you probably assume that moderation is the key, and you should spread out your indulgences for the sake of your waistline and your teeth. Wrong. Dana & Jayson saw a report from a dentist and oral hygiene expert that said eating all of your Halloween candy in one sitting is actually the best way to go. Once he had this information, not shockingly, Jayson saw this as a challenge, so this morning... well, you can probably guess.

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It's 5:30 good morning you made it's a Friday. Then weekend where we actually get an extra hour of sleep. Or partying however you choose to use that word David Jason and what are you doing you CD all your Halloween candy right now. Who wouldn't Donahue ballot according to attend tests that her advice meaning in one day. And once that thing but no one would ever do that because. There's so much. I literally think we have 30 pounds I am as those picking it up I was like yeah that's the same weight as my child and candy that they collect and and me my daughter's got so much. That's why I'm taking this that the challenge. What does that means to. Alec trick or treating with your girls and I collected some of my own personal treats and I'm taking this at the challenge. In one sitting I'm gonna eat all this candy they're not Jason that is too much that is a whole bag of candy it's. Butter fingers Snickers bigger solid match and it's because apparently you know how US the parent only give your daughters to. One treat a night yet one a day apparently that's where cavities come from one a day if you can get it in once today and not spread it over the year then you're less likely to get cabin. You have about three months worth of candy right there isn't a near you needed out. He's changed Jason you're not I I don't need your yearning hung over I don't mean you know or worse with their favorite. Recess. I want the whole thing and one by. That one rate and a whole Snickers Barton this person was fooled why do they give me a whole Snickers bar full size. Fashion event for producer Jack that's suspect. Oh your radiating out of that arm arm mounts and does that it has nothing O'Meara here get a show them who's boss Limbaugh now. You're hung over and you're eating three months' worth of chocolate on the. Literally view how to eat one candy of today it would take you through months but you're gonna do it all today all of that on on crime. And a New Year's sugar crush a pro be sometime within this show. No but they were on the up brand break now and up are your being dumb the Smart negative for the business would have as a new blood drinking the night the power. You're a bad idea than the morning we're talking about I love my pearly whites Elena I don't want them to get cavities so I'm doing this for me. That's a full size Snickers here in saint opponents all and all and all it is now right now I stricter if the case it and we're all gonna suffer who thought for a golf. Maybe the audio quality of our show but who cares not back and move him Airways flight without thrown. But you're gonna but that is how different it'll talk Clark. Chocolate and a warrior well. Grow into her body opening now they were at home you didn't mean Darren after that Snickers Rome tournament instant birth. Jason there's no more room in your mouth and there's always remember roughest surf the bottom line is you're supposed to eat all your own. In candy follow one solid you don't retirement is so. The real hole harder from now understand that you're saying want to send a segment we'll check back and at UCL a singer as guy ohm good. So much chocolate. Is CNN's Jason NASA money for nine San Diego's alternate of speaking of Halloween candy how they're going eating all of that Halloween candy and I was sitting over there. I've gotten through like a quarter of this. Fags at a multi. Butter fingered too early in the morning. Jason decided he's going to eat all of the Halloween candy that he collected on Halloween because. A dentist said that it's better to eat it all in one sitting than spreading it out over I think that's three months' worth of candy your arms attack more. I hate almond joys but many debt we can't get either an. Now it's now aren't ever. All of met. You'd hate almond joys and it's all gonna enjoy ash followed color from the coconuts you would handle it well this is your only chance flew Douglas. Sorry now it's your only chance. Yet the one that took the sun. All of them. How is out of the bill being hung over and having nom enjoys for breakfast. Oh lord you said you wanted to do this this is your own challenge that you inflict it on yourself I wonder Hitler wealth.