Dana & Jayson - Nude Neighbors

Friday, July 20th

​Dana was feeling a little self-conscious this morning, and for once it had nothing to do with something awkward Jayson did. She was feeling a little hot, and a little frisky yesterday when she stripped down in the middle of her apartment, but she wasn't alone. She looked up. She locked eyes. She freaked. What happened, and who was peeping back at her? We found out the eye opening truth this morning on Alt 949.

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Almighty for nine San Diego's alternative word Dana and Jason I have a sincere question the back of her but Jack. Jason would either of you guys feel weird. Or would it change our relationship if you saw me walking Europe and by brought another wet. That might change. Our relationship more than yours and Jason. Oh weirder around me after that. A senior and beating suit maybe not that much did yeah let. It's it's actually speaking need like broad that panties when a one up all of pennies. Can means when they get up. Down to bat it's like usually like you're going to get nude after hours verses abate exit which you know you're she's not going district Dallas that bad. Like that just seemed for dams like it really doesn't matter you Buehrle on park and were imagining that like you could be nude at some point oh OK well thank him my neighbor saw me in my brought. They're. Chiropractor. The room window currently at through windows to a you bet. It's all of living is all. The way. You that way not talking tourism dollars I. Yeah Bally's. Remotely Steve and I. That's a mistake. Only dang it. Oh now I feel only here in the head as I said right. All the hurt neighbor I mean I thought about your neighbor. What do you mean he's not it's hot retired chiropractor. Communities much higher dad is Kimberly satire did that he says. Three years so nice granddaddy the only beat her isn't grandfather. And he wants this thing you know let's stop he had seen you in your baiting thing before you get have been at the pool with each other. Yeah we've had dinner at the pool with our neighbor. But a yesterday when I got home from work I was like hot in the jeans and I wanted to change to it's always freezing in the studio so I was Wear jeans. And then I of who is in the back up there and don't like oh shoot I don't get my shorts yeah. So I walked out of the bathroom and I just had my bra and underwear on and I thought. Well your girl she leg lock up and I can see their balcony from my eight room and I. Catch eyes with a neighbor. And then I was like maybe he didn't see what I was wearing because of the window pane. Further windows sell or thought they are like guys there's probably some big blocking. And then I got dressed really quickly and I went outside just to see if they were still out there know. He gets he gets and I. What cut would panties. At it where they forget long. Some chilies that Cheney behavioral legs never developed data. Where's that their butt cheeks out at the pool I'd go. You are the only ones who is not. I have not sexy star on trend apparently is everyone's wearing them at the pool steer you know he was that he was on the phone a lot dies at the elite like that because. He was on the phone that. And then all of a sudden he does not staring at but my fairy. Okay. Did he here's an here's an important question did he hurt his eyes immediately in a way that demonstrated that he had seen something he has seen. Or did he maintain it in college. A I don't know because I divert a lot. You when you can't see the earth so it she gave me the that you had shaved he had say ever day bug now literally down. I'm just gonna DOD are now. Then there's still all about putting yeah. It's good that bring in a year in the grand that Havana's I think it's up.