Dana & Jayson - Not So Silent Halloween Night

Friday, November 1st

​Jayson is convinced his husband Jared successfully ruined Halloween. Yes, the entire Dana & Jayson show family Monster Mashed it at Dana's apartment last night with fun, safe, family friendly activities for everyone, but it was the events that unfolded in Jayson's apartment that were the focus of our attention this morning on Alt 949. With November upon us, the holiday season has officially arrived, but not everyone has the same enthusiasm as Jayson's significant other. A fervent Christmas lover, Jayson's husband wasted literally no time to start jingling bells and decking halls, but Jayson was not and is not ready. Would our Dana & Jayson listener family relate to Jayson's premature holiday horror, or would they jolly up the joint and support Jayson's husband? We tried to keep things under wraps this morning on San Diego's Alternative.