Dana & Jayson - Nominated

Wednesday, November 29th

The Grammy nominations came out yesterday, and if Dana & Jayson are being honest, they aren't really impressed. It isn't that some great artists weren't nominated, it's more that the potential albums of the year don't really represent the people. We hit the phones this morning to find out what YOUR album of the year is, for a chance to win Snow Summit and Bear Mountain lift tickets.

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I don't know if you ever feel this way but sometimes Grammy nominations. Different Philly they don't always represented the people's choice. Or maybe like they don't represent you owe more data and Jason of not before nine San Diego's alternative of Grammy nominations this year stuff. I'll thank you for opening of so eloquently they keynote yesterday. For album of the year for example that category it's like the most exciting category right and it just felt like. Who the hell are these people who. I mean I don't mean to be out of touch but who is childish. Can be no. Yeah. Yeah I mean I can't miss it yeah. Obviously so that's one of the people back out or if it's a band. They're up for album of the year and I'm not nobody knows JC everyone knows cheesy but I feel like we've been there and done that with cheesy ending how many grammys can one person get this year he's up for eight more I. Got. I mean I kind of know that's that we need to go beyond that you get nominates an that damned by Kendrick Lamar his album. Com. Again and again I know where that's going and then lowered it actually got nominated which had those schooled for melodrama. A bigger if you well I hope she gets that honestly the other one is Bruno Mars when he for a cat. Again. But what we saw that it was just kind of like if felt like a bunch kill let down yet. If you choose. One album that you really love from this year 2017. Maybe just has a suggestion to other people who might not know about it what would you choose at 6195701949. All our callers this morning getting in the running for a pair of let's take it's a snow summit in their mountain for the 20172018. C.s and. The musical version and hello Dolly the revival star ray got the grades that Hitler. Are you talking word that anyone else understands I have a couple of fences and yours suggest Chad that that's look at that you're let's keep our. I would asking other people I want the team I was just lucky you could you're in the room. Well look at producer Jack next I've done with that okay producer Jack. What would you choose if you did just take one album that you really liked from this here. Dan Auerbach. From the black keys has a really good sun so probably hands I'm amazing when you saw this plus how did you feel where you kind of let down by the Grammy nominations I didn't feel like it represented me exactly and my taste of music much like to get down some Kendrick Lamar you know I mean I know that my choices for who should get album of the year unrealistic. I know that at the album's idolized since you are not gonna win yet it's really an example oh pesos this year I really like folk Koppen rolled by Jude on the line and I loved it I listen that's like our family album yeah. I also really like mr. wives pseudo but I know that they are not at that level yet yeah. That's fine I also really like the new house on united album I figured I was any problem at all Clinton thank hill I thought I was sovereignty was give us. Yeah I mean I earlier if you late hell's going in and get the latest album I don't genetic but. It may be you have an album that you're really until late for example hello Dolly the revivals like that are 619. 5701949. Who's robbed at the Tonys. Your album of the year nomination. Because it sometimes the grammys don't represented to us properly that's so we were discussing yesterday when the Grammy nominations came out. We're Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's all turned up. And especially the category for album of the year those albums that you can listen to all the way through so denominations are 24 K magic by Bruno Mars. Down by Kendrick Lamar for 44 by Jay-Z. Lords melodrama and awaken my love bite. Childish Gambino I've got so. And me alike who would you nominate what album gets your stamp of like this was my favorite from 2017 at 6195701949. Paid Jessica from La Mesa. Art what album TU stands out as like the bass you've discovered this year. I really in tight on breeding bull like that better yeah. Yes that is so guns I literally thought they would be if she wed. Yes there album. A lot grant had a lot of maladies and I really enjoyed it. You enjoyed it like from beginning to and it's one of those albums you can listen to all the way through a trio yeah Steve that's like a big endorsement there because there's not a lot of pitches I don't think people right albums anymore at any rate singles and I just you would have balanced notes that nominations for album of the year. Too because it's so much in the RB and hip hop well yes yeah. There's Porter lowered. Nor does like the standout maybe should just take it home. She probably will wed because everyone else it's exactly that saying you know Jane he's going to win easier can only sleep that boat that's why back why in the army has ever when Al sounded the exact same things every once split the vote. All of you silly you have that conspiracy theories. And this and this trident white you know that why do you think that. Yet beyoncé and Drake were up against each other about times that they split the vote. And I believe it was like Katie area somewhat yeah I just like you to stop your brain Manning on me right now you're like rain Manning earning power play and the fact that your likes spewing that information is actually shock and welcome so anyway you're saying lord has a chance yes. Thank you so much her colleagues are and they paid bill good morning good morning bill how to spell list of Grammy nominations make you feel. In the air don't act then they're already are boring I like the fact that the crowd is Campillo got nominated folk that we. You good Uga Uga but other stuff you don't want that road America Donald Glover I'll go every day. You know who that is what do you think about the best album for you for this year. What album comes to mind. Paper lay everywhere it's somewhere. Also good reflex and she actually gotten nominated for was it more than one granny she two grammys. Refuting get bent out the whole album is good epic album overlook their best new artist. A best new artist yeah if you are not Gucci and that number well yeah it I think. One it's kind of like Portugal the man to that they got nominated for Felix still but they have twelve albums but they're finally getting recognition so that was kind of equal this year Seau. And allocate the open to I don't know that I'll do it now. Yeah and that the problem is with the Grammy it's it's all about album sells and popularity. So if there is like if you do you know there's this great little JAMA. Of an item or an Al bombing to have that sold their broke records Leah grammys like when people break records. It but didn't how childish DMB still get nominated because lose that number one on iTunes are all yet to figure out on long people Hillary teared up apart album and have. Why Philly and getting an education that are now. Well selected deserves best out home that it dog well both album of the year right yeah he might have been the best song this year the good. The best Powell. I'm putting on my Christmas last very pivotal less than a hundred together in the match at a club bring that to get a good. Had not okay we wanna get your information again which in the running for those let's take its okay.