Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Wednesday, July 11th

​Forget the morning newscast, Dana & Jayson give you unique insight and commentary on a trio of the top trending stories of the day, but it's all still News to Us. Find out what's going on in this crazy world of ours, including why July 11th is the best day of the year, why Prime Day is getting extended, and how Jayson might be able to pay off his student loans sooner than expected. They may not have the investigative chops, but they certainly have the hair for this. All the news that fits on Alt 949!

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It's. Use to us. With the hated Jason all that you put on. It right every outlet trotted out great stories for us to remember why today's race slurping day at 7-Eleven oh my god I. Did best thing I've ever sat yeah the most attention you've ever gotten from both of why oh why I was. The eleventh of July is the day we get a free slipping from 7-Eleven and this year they're rolling out the nail. Captain Crunch Berry flavor shot up. Which is Barry called natural and organic Saturday blah blah blah non that the announcement about and this year they've upping the Annie on things OK they're taking into a new level they're selling hot dogs for a dollar and giving free sodas out when you buy a Snickers sort she's at phone. Look I can't question sure I'm sure we have the answers. Hu doesn't does this. Hot day however Andre there have been studio. OK because nothing I just mentioned even sounds safe for consumption. What you don't wash down your 7-Eleven hot dog with a good Captain Crunch slippery. Though that your disappointing Jack when needed for election before after a bunch not a counselor been. Story number 236 hours of danger. Did Amazon. And you made a big day Amazon prime day though. Yet they may epic day it happens on Monday and it's the best deals at Amazon offers all year like. Better than Black Friday status allegedly and in the past. They've only done it to other years it's been like 24 hours and then they took it to thirty hours. This year 36 hours so the deals start Monday at 3 PM parity set mylar cut down hired mylar. Because what I need something on there I don't know what I need but I know that there's 30% off on robotic vacuums and burn a lot of help others. I bought 70% off on a pogo stick. I go up that there's parent controls. On the computer. Felt like that a lot during that market he hired gun control. You can block you from that what I should be blocked used to be blocked. Story number Jason please at this time see how much money you owe in student loans after graduating when an acting degree from an ideal 86000 dollar thank you Jason. A little bit and it's actually that's a info. How would you feel Jason about going on a game show where the prize. Was for them to pay off your student loan debt I would feel relieved. So this is a possibility because this is a game show than actually exists it's called paid off and the winners the prize is that they pay off what ever your debt is in student loans what do you DO. OK so it's not a doubled their situation is not a fear factor no survivor you not to marry Hugh Hefner are AP this next game is basically just answering like college type sure idea questions to have that didn't know. But in your wheel house fell like relationship questions. When you said college questions he was confused because he actually argument academic I. I think anger him and let me give you try to see you would do on the probably for Al knows honestly really easy it's Connally family feud but with no family so it's all riding on your answers let me give you one question. 100 recent college graduates what does the last thing you want you'll pass. The finding your dorm room. Way I really went away okay lives nervous breather tired have a lot of the public debts a lot of writing all this quest OK by nude photographs. Sarah used condom. Okay sorry it's Ari do. The yeah you wanna do another try again with how long you have to days before it's OK and apart from your partner. I would think like what two weeks. Chad six months. Definitely I am yeah correlation jams and. Hours and leaves us. In case you don't you all ready or not. I feel bad for your partner now. Oh and you try to do I was about 88000 dollars dollars lower.