Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Tuesday, September 18th

​All the news, most of the information. This is how Dana & Jayson do the news. Rather than just give you the facts, they cook up their own concoction of factual goodness, and sprinkle a handful of the top trending stories of the day with context and commentary. This morning we found out how the fast food experience is being reinvented at one chain restaurant, what Easter Egg you probably missed in a classic retro video game, and what surprise moment everyone is talking about from the Emmys last night. All the news we can fit in one segment on San Diego's Alternative.


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And it's. News to us. With the daily and chase are all ready or not. Three stories that have to be discussed. Still remember why the proposal that was seen by eleven point five million people it was that big moment from the and mean is actually the only moment from the end. He's like really we're talking about it. I can't believe that many people watch the Emmys but. On average that is how many and that's how many people saw one man that no one knows named Glen Campbell during his speech for you is accepting an award for her wedding I guess he directs the Oscars or something. Anyway she used that moment to propose to his girlfriend. I'm really grateful to be here. But it's bittersweet. The person most proud at this moment would be my mom and she passed away just two weeks ago. Mom always believe in finding the sunshine and things and she adored my girlfriend damn. Jan you by the sunshine in my life and mom was right don't ever let go of your sunshine. You wonder why don't like to claim my girlfriend. Because I wanna calling in my life. William Barrett. I would literally die because I would heat this more than anything that could ever happen to me it would be like the worst case scenario lie like my heart is already pounding it's in front of the all of the people. Feel like I I think it because it would feel like I was inconveniencing. Everyone I would like you want them to play the music. Just let me it. Get me out there. Story number two more food from chick filet will be yours with just the push of a button and I were both listening I see your bullying and this changes the fast food gave the chick who seek Foley is being experimental chick filet is installing. What buttons. On tables. At their restaurants though so if you would like a manager's attention if you would like service or if you would like more food all of the facts as night and again that it's going to be disaster let's get a disaster for a lot of reasons I imagine you have your own but it's gonna be all complaints an accidental Kidd pushes. He's talking about is that it to be like hi I want and another delicious fried chicken sandwich wave or maybe visas have attempt to skip button where you are. Don't let the atlas in defiance right here on your pressing an imaginary but. And the government is certainly an erotic dream story number three and erotic journey. Let's. Get ready for your mind to be blown I don't even know if I should do this story because it's a typical Tuesday nothing crazy and this might be too much for you know it's news. That involves Nintendo's duck hunt. Didn't. You have my attention again I bet everything you've ever known about it thorough about the when now is at the news that Seth Rogen shared on Twitter so in the game duck hunt did you know that the second players controller. Actually controlled the duck the whole time. I'd I give up I'm like man you could play as the dock so you can control and manipulate the duck the entire time so you could either be like moving the duck away from the person shooting or if you want to help that person like I'm telling you right now 1984. Kind of looks so different permit. The doctor away that I always wanted to. But you know if she found out because his sister sat on the other controller by accident but Twitter wasn't around 25 years ago so we couldn't let anybody know. And the client he was waiting. The invention of letters that he get the suburbs and out. Less leaves us. And in case you're coming already Fordyce. Oh.