Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Tuesday, July 17th

​When you're as scattered as Dana & Jayson, it's all News to Us. Forget breaking news, we know you get that somewhere else, but every morning, D&J provide insight and commentary on a handful of the top trending stories of the day. This morning on San Diego's Alternative, we found out about a return visit to Hawkins, Indiana, what Bruce Willis says Die Hard ISN'T, and what IHOP is doing to lure back disgruntled customers like Producer Jack. All the news that fits in one segment on Alt 949.

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It's. Use to us. With the native Jason on all good to put on. Yeah we're gonna get into us to remember why stranger things season three I don't know if you're ready for it. No but it's August it's officially coming next summer what how what what are your source that's a trailer for season three was released I don't know. Because you went to bed at six last night yeah. While there was a trailer that was released. There's no actual footage in his trailer for the new season it's basically like a fake TV commercial that sent in 1985. The whole trailer is a commercial for a new mall that's coming Hawkins Indiana next summer. America Indiana. Kids are growing patriotic community and a shining example Althea American free. Today Hawkins is taking another step into the future with a brand new spark court malls. Like you stop that but I'm not gonna play evil thing you can you can see the whole trailer and all 949 radio dot com the only character that's in this trailer room. Is Steve okay he works at the ice cream shop but the mall called scoops a blight. And anyway. I just need you to be emotionally crap that I will be unavailable. When this comes out next over so you have a whole year to plan. OK for the one day it's gonna take it affects the entire. Okay all prepped for that. Story number two pancakes are peace offering. William accepted as the question I hop is extending the olive branch of friendship after the whole we're changing our name I high. I see your brain to my burning you go to the go at the branch and care so it's today in an effort to make things the right after the whole we were joking were not changed our name it human. For their sixtieth birthday they're asking you to celebrate let them and there are going to be providing sixty cent short stacks. I mean. Short sex or your love language producer Jack I know you're angry and stop sending hate two weeks I hop you don't want to this morning. Really really kind of conflicted by this whole thing because I hate being duped but I love and Kate and. You were duped but sixty cents two quarters and then dime. I. Come on Shaq OK we've been through some tough times I I've. I don't know I said some things that maybe I didn't mean I don't know really promoted those burgers that maybe you didn't mean maybe we can come together over the sixty cent short stacks were story number three. Die hard is not a Christmas in those days as to Bruce Willis is the one who does Fiat so real husband a massive debate over the last thirty years is it is a novel Bruce Willis at the end of the filming of his roast on Comedy Central that airs in a week herself that's how he ended the entire special saying. Die hard is not a Christmas movie dallas' final words. One of my closest friends. On Christmas Eve every single year they name their Christmas trees Bruce Willis spruce close they put on their Santa hats and they watched die hard all night and he is an easy thing I've ever likes. Lapping them in the face basically what the Christmas references in the movie but I need to watch die hard sometimes there's just what's your pet that I have the machine gun. How is that not a pretty good living. To watch even July it would feel unnatural it's current IBO light sky I couldn't draft. Less lives to us. In case it's not all related or not.