Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Tuesday, August 7th

Crack open your noggin so Dana & Jayson can stuff a little knowledge in. When you just have the headlines, it's all News to Us. Every morning D&J sprinkle their own unique color and commentary on a handful of the top trending and head shaking stories of the day. This morning on Alt 949, we found out what major league team is offering free counseling for their fans, how one man is taking cheap and rude to a whole new level, and what two senior citizens were doing at a metal festival. All the stories we can jam into one segment on San Diego's Alternative.

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Use to us. With the aliens these are all ready or not he's there is certain emotional journey I say it began. I'm still worried number one baseball therapy is a thing. Mets fans that have been suffering this season I guess so much so that there's this mental health web site. And they've been giving free therapy to fans have been having a really hard time this season. So that fans can talk about the most difficult moments that they've had to go through an indoor. Last night against the Mets loss of the Washington Nationals 25 to four hole Mike. Jack you've been up Padres fan since verse. Yes I have and I've seen some lopsided things you know some fourteen to nothing game some fourteen to one game and let's get. I'm around for the game where the Dodgers hit four straight home runs in a rural rate as a Padre and Jack how did that make you feel not Gary good to. OK and you think that has anything to do with arming the fact that Europe personal identity is attached to this team hang on let me let me lay down and I. Third say yeah let's say you're a paper out of that it starts crying. And all started when I was about sick and news man. Do you think you need that. Sort of outlet I think I'm way past the. And behold but still stuff you're feeling old so still sick because debuts stuff fierce stuff that'll come back down to earth out here my feelings and hot dog. Story number two sheep and rude did. There's a guy who's tipping method has gone viral what this guy does is he takes five single dollar bills fan. And he puts them on the table when he sits down at a restaurants and every time the server does something wrong. Wired you or not that's a good idea. Jason she'd been rooting Jason's eyes Canada regular. We've been hurt us that that we Pratt and. So I do you did not tell me that you would ever do this and. Well I would do it mentally. I start out with 20% and that'd be messed up you give a dollar taken alive it's like being in school where instead of having to earn that hey you just have to keep any idea and this. Elements of abuse of power oh. That man must have had a power sure England has life and he's taking it out on the server of executive power back to one dollar and story number two grandfathers our goals oh this past weekend to senior citizens. Escaped from their nursing home should be at the world's biggest heavy metal possible. Cops found these two old men at a festival. And made them go back to the home they or quote disoriented. And dazed but. Did Juan Molina. But I. Do we know for sure this is not Mick Jagger Richards I. I prefer but these guys are probably mandating get to see the headliners who were Vince Neil and Judas pretty. Are there are also bad for these men why are these so angry. You be angry too and if the UN DE rubbery Turkey and tapioca pudding you bingo day were held back or keep printers that big to record outlet then go to the happy battleship. Less lives to us. In case it's not all related or not. Maybe they have heavy metal hips all old. That you do thriller and bad.