Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Thursday, September 13th

You want the truth? Do you want the truth?!? We can't handle the truth. Thus Dana & Jayson's version of a news segment, NEWS TO US! Every morning on Alt 949, we sift through the news to bring you a trio of tantalizing stories, seasoned to perfection with our own secret blend of context and commentary. This morning we found out what we can expect from the soon-to-be-released new iPhone, why the Superman cape might have a new address soon, and the latest thing Dave Grohl did that makes him 100% Dave Grohl. All the news, some of the details on San Diego's Alternative.

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And it's. News to us. With the chase are all good or not. Important information right now I still remember why we are team minus eight days away at Arnold you're ready forests. The new iPhone comes out so I hope they debuted three models yesterday they were announced this screens are bigger the fanciest one. Costs 11100 dollar all my guy. Or at eleven. Yeah. Literally true that is literally chip screen runs an edge to edge they got rid of the home button on all bomb on hand and there's also the facial recognition and move. On all of mom all of them on its like this is the way technology has progressed you can't held back like no it's a brave new world they go because apple Marty has my thumb print yet they have not and now in there you're there in my face death than at all. They have well. And it's like where's it gonna go next that is actually really scary new recognition new recognition and the failure nudes. And Kennedy had our community now. Story numbered CU Henry Campbell adults after three rounds of Superman and I hope you're okay with that you know DC's making a movie she's and that's coming up next year move yet okay so I guess Henry was being a queen about a cameo they wanted to do he was like. I can and busy schedules blah blah blah. Seoul with that little cleaning up that was happening and they said. Okay well all we really need for Superman is somewhat dark hair and a really bad ass strong line you sell your out and ray is management's weeded out there of the cape is still in the closet calm down calm down. But it's it's not looking like it that's the past day and the other guy does one Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise and now it's like no and I. You know. Story number three thanks very emotional right Dave Grohl admirably needed this this morning you know those stories when people leave massive tips for servers. After they paid bill at a restaurant. And it makes you feel so good it in everyone involved is happy I didn't. I love those but sneaky gave girl I saw a headline that he did this after eating at an LA restaurant and I was. Like C he's so all not waste and bad ass at the same time. But then. I saw that the bill came to 333. Dollars I know Dave decided to do. Leaving huge step but he decided to make it all total 66. And you know the rest of the oh but. I admit that I and I. How big it was like a whole notional journey it was and ready for I would go back and tell my lot less money money money we rounded down to a simple 600 and maybe six cystic about it. Over 645 over 66. And you know the. Hours leaves us. With Dana in case it coming all good or not.