Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Thursday, August 9th

Most of the facts, all of the personality. When you're Dana & Jayson, it's all News to Us. This morning on Alt 949, we found out what one award show is doing to make itself more relevant and digestible, why Toto is on repeat in one fast food giant's restaurants, and what Adam Sandler does better than any other leading man in Hollywood. All the stories we can jam into one segment on San Diego's Alternative.

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And it's. News to us. With the hated Jason. Really really good about these. Sorry you use the news to remember why I finally the Oscars. Are about to become tolerable okay. Okay because now it's like a massive yawn fest every year of these like elitist people congratulating each other about quote. Films for people of Seton and it lasts for about six hours yet that I love every minute the Oscars the I hate watching the tees in to view of the so much we'll last year was below illustrated Academy Awards ever and I felt so validated by that so they announced they're changing stuff to make the live broadcast more interest sagged. See now they give out like each day literally give out 24 awards the now there again at jam all those boring categories in the commercial breaks. Will pop up does doesn't really interestingly they were gonna kill the losers or something else. Hello auction on lucrative group. Sorry Matthew McConaughey and why so far and I don't know back. Those dark there you like really dark. But it did note so besides that. They're also going to be. Putting out a new category that my heart has been yearning for since the beginning of time. Which is the popular category. So meaning a movie that people actually seen. So get ready. Fur and a man and a lot I still live at cop characters the deals that you're gonna get mad. Oh could you wanna be an elitist because actually the elitists are mad about it. Now I'm gonna get mad at you get their act like you want this but you don't want and a mechanical I do it live deal on that yes they hell and anyway I. No matter anyway because of its popular unpopular you still haven't seem that's sure. I think about. I'm positive they go back to Jack they get where they all the loser. I didn't like the hundred day and I. Story number two all Africa. All day with your rock park. I guess to gain some followers are traction a Burger King UK said that have they get 1000. Read tweets. Then they will play the song Africa by its code now. I repeat. For 24 hours a thirty happening in Jason's apartment. I don't know why opponents that I just wanted to alert you haven't. Yeah I don't get it out of agreed to greatly. Fans love this idea and they've quickly surpassed what they had their goal another saying if they get a 100000 retreats the do it and every Burger King location and re tweeting that the people who are having like really extreme reactions to it some people are saying. The employer is should stage a walk out. And other people are saying all these there all day not leaving. It's literally sounds like my dream why. Yeah I'll wanna double whopper with the with a side of Toyota story number three you're not gonna believe us I don't even know of I believe us. But the man who is the best kisser in Hollywood. Is Adam Sandler. So this league Brooklyn Decker was asked the one guy aid that she's made out than a movie that is the that some. And she said Adam Sandler. She said he is such a good cancer and other actresses and said the same thing an after she did a make out scene with him other actresses came up almost like he's so good ray. You know library. Because he has to be. Because he's so. Ugly yeah that he had passed Telecom and say exactly 100% the other weird thing about this is if you were call Adam Sandler is one of Dane has a weird crushes to. Sure this is. And I went through a whistle yeah I thought this crash has been like buried at pearl while. Be read at doubt at Coca yeah. I because like I've been thinking about it or anything like that and I mean it was more like the Adam Sandler of the late ninety's. Now hole parent Gilmore are yes and then like things are really got intense story like the big daddy arrow like of the early 2000. But now it's like I almost want a revisit that Rivera. Actually that would look like we can all see that in him this break right now and Cynthia you you know I don't make out that is so take it too far I know let's calm down and. Get them probably watch it if I. Hours and leaves us. A lot of courses that would be about 51. Stick it under read it.