Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Thursday, August 16th

​All of the news, hardly any of the facts. When you're Dana & Jayson, its all News to Us. We take a handful of the weird, wildest, top trending stories of the day, and dust them with our own unique fairy-dust of wit and wisdom. This morning on the Alt 949 News Network, we found out what new Girl Scout Cookie flavor is on the horizon, how a trunk full of discounted meals fell into the wrong hands, and a happy ending to a sad birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese's. All the news that fits in one segment on San Diego's Alternative.​

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And it's. News to us. With the daily tastes are already put out. Good news report this morning different story number war. New girl scout cookie alerts OK. I want you to imagine this here recount eyes shut eyes are closed. Carmel. And chocolate ship ornament laden and just imagine biting into. A chewy. Chocolate chip cookie. Swiss Carmel. Hess and chocolate chips mixed ink I'll. Yes and and allow your taste buds if you will to wander. To the land of sweet and salty as your surprised by and did sea salts can taste. And they'll never figure out that. Also at the gluten free. I go. Actually found no way now. Who is bringing him well that's like doing an entire seductive thing and revealing at the end that it's my grandmother. That is not cool. Yeah. That joke without knowing darn hard. The story number two duke. Are there is easily how little some will. And Rodman is delicious died feeling Jack doesn't trust me I'd like to thank you re wrong. I. I wanted to. I'm 53 foot sure L are full of a 90000. Dollars worth of Rama noodles was stolen from a gas station outside of Atlanta Georgia. Apparently I guess the owner of the trailer had permission to park there are some thing. Cops are still not recovered the trailer and there are a lot of questions with us because I don't know if that's the big question was just stealing a trailer or if she knew. Literally Jack when he opened the door election. River and I'll never came pouring out on its face. But 98000. Dollars a Grumman it's ten cents for one yet. A lot she Jack final question where were you on the night of August Paris. I plead the fifth okay our next story numbers are you ready for all the fields yet I will warn you that this story starts off said that and happy. So a four year old boy had a birthday party at Chucky cheese this month he invited thirty friends from school and I don't know I think it's because it's targets and it's a little summer put out of the thirty people. Knowing. Devastating. The mom not a blizzard. Beside herself but never let her son see that she likes stayed upbeat. Tried to make it fun and ignored the fact that all these people warned there. And so this one Chucky cheese employee. Felt so bad that she went to face buck asked her friends to buy the kid guests and then threw him another party the following week and it was like Christmas morning. So what about that for happy ending. So the process. The list happy birth that that partying with a bunch of Chucky cheese every teaming up so well week after your actual birthday a. Big little would you have. Lol word that is those such this. I can't recover this like a flashback to all of Jason's birthday is exactly but he could afford Chuckie. Yeah I'd. Less lives to us. In case it's not all related or not. The only thing to have hot dogs for my name. And. Moves that horn needed. But the probably not.