Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Friday, September 20th, 2019

Friday, September 20th

​These days with the information super highway and people walking around with video and audio recording devices in their pockets, every John and Jane Doe with an iPhone thinks they're Dan Rather. But they don't have wit, they don't have wisdom, and they don't have a clever sounding name like: NEWS TO US! Knowing how thirsty our society is for news, Dana & Jayson step up to the bar and take your order every morning on Alt 949, serving up a tall stiff glass of their favorite stories of the day, without that annoying hangover you get with the other guys. This morning, we found out what NBC reboot is missing a very important element, and what other beloved comedy series is looking like it will come back right where it left off. All of the news, most of the time  on San Diego's Alternative.