Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Friday, September 14th, 2018

Friday, September 14th

​A nice little jolt to the brain with Dana & Jayson to kick off your Friday, its all News to Us. We slide into the anchor chairs of the Alt 949 News Network and break news, hard. This morning we found out the latest scam to milk those hotel mini-bars, why Amazon is delivering the holidays right to your door, and what 246 Nicoles are doing together this weekend. All of the news, most of the facts on San Diego's Alternative.

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News to us. With the aliens he's already put out. I'm glowing stories this morning. Still remember why the new scam that's sweeping the nation and probably parts of Canada. Oh okay scam again so for most people Hussein hotel the mini bar is just too expensive it's just feels like a huge waste of money probably not worsen it. Well people found a way to get around that in my mind is blown. People are drinking. All the liquor out of the mini bar. And then to avoid getting charged they are filling the empty liquor bottles with tear and. Oh that's good team yes you love that Alamo did penny saver if you well depending on how you. You could have probably girl does that. I like that idea how could live with yourself a sorry there once surged eighteen dollars. I had a plastic bottle vodka and story number two. This year he'll be able prying yourself a Christmas tree I'll grill one today shipping Amazon prime so I don't know if you're one of those picky people that lives of the hole. Choosing Miami Christmas tree experience. But you can see yourself like the whole ninety minute experienced. And his dull on Amazon now and have one sent to your doorstep I was thinking like OK while they're not gonna be of like top quality like not like Sandra brown needles but now. Because they cut it cherries only ten days before they actually ship them TO Amazon has really close to delivering me the perfect holiday if I can now order up like a family that doesn't judge Munich who still worth. I think you're the story number three. Please put yourself in this woman's possession OK and her name is Nicole she met a guy at a bar near college campus. He asks for her number she puts the wrong number in his phone whether it's on purpose has served by accident. The next day he emails. 246. Nicole's. In this school directory. Because he wants to find her. I love him. You love that. I love him I'm going to marry him. You don't think that's too it sure Alley I would want him to have a psych evaluation before I would and that's with Nicole I would surrender all. Which Nicole Lee. Radical political. 240 sex Nichols anyway he found the right wine and they aren't gonna go out sick. Yeah and I will tell you that on a side note all the Nicole's that he group beam melts. Are all like getting together doing a girls night now win win. I would literally rather dual girls' night with all the the cold single all of this but yeah. I'm okay you're marrying him whether you agree that. Us leaves us. In case it's not all good Fordyce. 260.