Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Friday, June 22nd

​Even if you've seen the headline, you haven't heard Dana & Jayson's take. Every morning on Alt 949, we give insight and commentary on a handful of the biggest trending stories of the day, because its all News to Us. This morning on, we found out how ABC is picking up the pieces of the Roseanne reboot, why Disney might be cutting their losses on one of their most iconic movie franchises, and the latest rumors about the greatest quarterback of all time. The Alt 949 News Network is on the air!

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It's. Use to us. With the daily Jason all good portal. Again very very plugged it just to remember why Roseanne's coming back. But not with Roseanne. Played doing Hamlet without Hamlet on can look at our ABC made. It official last night they're doing a spin off but the network said she can have nothing to do with the creatively or financially. Where it's not happening. So then she had to sign off on that girl and then made a statement so it looks like she got to pay out time and obviously I didn't and I guess that would be chunk of money what is the going to be called. All the Connors and do that based around every one except Rosanna Al per fact all of everyone else has signed I. They do something like. How lost it that way they like it's just dreamed she would never this dead or something like it makes you I mean that says it ever that that it was just dream or they can take a page out of the Roseanne playbook like they did when they had all the new Becky and just like bring in some other. Oh yeah. I never explain all right Greg you don't need the job. Story number two opponents funding. Speaking of sped off your not getting a land though on good. And you're not getting an old eagle on one did know if I'd because I was gonna say you to Archer's Star Wars fans but if you're upset about that too bad for you apply. What you can either blame yourself or you can blame the Star Wars franchise take your tech line because his solo didn't tank in the box office I would not use those words. But I'll sure money wise so let's punishment. You're not getting any more of those spin offs because you'd didn't supports. I know for a fact they use it goes si solo pretty subjective and go see solo in your quote true start or sense so what now Disney's pulling. They're pulling the plug and they said they're just gonna focus on episode nine of the Steve I know why because they don't. I mean okay yelling down and says well. Oh and every night at the I say this tell you what they defense they have got bay chose a hot Han Solo in might have been a different story. But they chose a mediocre. On cell line. Story number three Tom Brady isn't going anywhere who I am so negative the senate I. It's isn't an annual tradition that as every football season approaches aside from pat spends the rest of the country is like is this the years he finally gonna retire. Walt earlier this week ESPN posted at Tom Brady quote on and cigarette and is in regards to his career he said I think about it more now than I used to I think I'm seeing in and coming sooner than later on listening. But that that little queen Tom Brady yeah he couldn't resist it he commented. Gathered queen went to become. Flat and die a single. Out of it earlier tried to be there. I met that that the plane I have friends in the Spanish community. That was my best AP Spanish version of 45. So he's at 45 and then he did three little monkey MOD's at covering your eyes covering your ears covering your mouth right now he's 41. Got warm. Where year Laura Mario he can't. Holes or more it's like a presidential campaign lawyers do okay former years so that. It's painful and he owes them that it's because he's already been doing things that made them shipped off young quarterbacks talking about how he was gonna play it's always been how he has a key goes the patriot Ali. Up a bird annoying no one knows anyone Eddie thinks he knows knee the NFL back I want the NFL seasons in Dallas then not so hard I felt good Eric radiated and our Dallas then no idea housewife like your man to beat Tom Brady where you can cry over episodes of this is that shot up. According my. Less leaves us. In case it's not all good or not. I think live.