Dana & Jayson - News to Us: Friday, July 20th, 2018

Friday, July 20th

​On a Friday, you don't have time for the actual news, but don't worry because Dana & Jayson have your back. Every morning on Alt 949, the gang provides some insight and commentary on a handful of the most topical stories of the day. This morning, we weighed in on how FriYAY is actually Fry-Day, we found out the scientific explanation behind the munchies, and why Dana has skewed important statistics for the entire state of California! It's all News to Us on San Diego's Alternative.

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It's. News to us. With the daily tastes are all ready for our great stories right. Our number one news to remember why free French fried Friday is that thing. Via McDonald's wants to be free French Fries every single Friday for the rest of the year. What do I have to do you owe a thank you for asking there's just one small thing you need to yell you need to download the app. And I'm out this yeah. Oh I. Your phone doesn't ads urging didn't even take a photo of the exact clay forget I found ghetto. Well comet Dowd. God I hate like they're steeper promotions for their stupid app wildlife. Downloading a big double apt to their vote because Nolan. The exact had a tie game and be like oh I would order McDonald's. No you do in the moment in the heat of the moment and it though a lot of same yeah that's true I'll have an actual intend not to. Is that's to McDonald's were an elbow or not to go. Yeah political out of the courtroom apparently. I don't wanna wait it lie for my mcdonalds order. Is it not because I was actually thinking you would be the person to get the McDonald's up but nobody pays you only did in shame that's it's like a crime it would show intent and. True. Yeah I. Story number two Q did you wonder why you crave cheesy Gordy to crunches into Tina's pizza rolls after Hughes smoke weed producer Jack I've never questioned that. Yeah. Sun rises. That's the tide comes in and out. Well scientists have figured out why people get the munchies this globally act it turns out that when you smoke wean the it actually switches off the hunger regulator. In your brain neck when you take the smoke and right and then your brains like. Eat this. But that's supposed to be and it and it switches it back on and then there's a surge. A hunger hormones. That's the munchies so scientifically it's like the bathtub has that little thing that prevents it from being over filled in Odessa and marijuana turns that off in my stomach where it's like. Keep it now science I just got self promotion (%expletive) hole out. Mean. Dad actually found my people I know sandy against we have Citi were just named the sixth. Worst drivers in America. I don't. Did there was an official lets it just came out we're the six source behind San Fran Columbus, Ohio Sacramento Riverside a lot of California rampant in America. And their ratings on a curb then you clearly screwed yeah I. I saw all you know it's really set those like only the sick consumers. We thought the worst hot and a leg judge single mom on the ground if for being number one yeah really I belong there. Omaha have something. Less leaves us. Omaha is number 1 morning show.