Dana & Jayson - News To Us: Friday, August 10th, 2018

Friday, August 10th

Just between us, most of those TV news anchors aren't even wearing pants under that desk. You can expect at least that level of professionalism from Dana & Jayson when they bring you a bunch of stories that are News to Us. This morning on the Alt 949 News Network, we found out what holiday activity proves you're a happier person, the science behind drunk munchies, and what celebrity reality show is sucking the life out of you. All the stories we could muster on San Diego's Alternative.

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News to us it's. All good or not. Yeah and Virginia and here we go my friends who. Still remember why this can't be true but allegedly people who decorate for Christmas. Earlier than others are happier. People then those who don't and I know why you sent the story to me. Biggest tip for some reason Jason's on the new quest to prove to me that he's happier I. Am is he and his fiance decorate for Christmas lake fully decked out Macy's. Level yet November 1 screens. Yeah like Charlie Brown Christmas music you record is on. There it's paying for Christmas candles. November for I don't even think Macy's decorate its November 1 but Jason us. And look who's happy. I know just doing this because buzz he just told you were mostly eat or out of all the Christopher Robin characters. Quit that you tax. And anybody is a little more happy with them not to have. Story number two. There's a reason why without fail. After a night of heavy drinking you want all the pizza and hope all the French Fries and all the talk us okay. Science actually figured out why a week crave all those things after a full night of drinking. And it turns out it's because well we drink our blood sugar spikes and drops in spikes and drops in spikes and drops which leads to hunger so that's why you immediately. Log on to your FaceBook via download your Papa John's coupon of her. And then you call Papa Johns while. Yes it's all because of the budget. I love to blame science my Muncie think yelled at night your drinks are not major key problem did you eat after you got home last night after you might remember so probably. And story number three. I hope no one watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians in this room know. Jason suspiciously quiet as sipping his coffee on there. You watch QB of the Kardashians if only it before. We mean only before the show. Like when I wake up only five days a week how much you do you never told me that. You will be kids do you one man though that I watch keeping give it occurred that much money that you're not watching picking up that part okay. That I don't you feel shame their fighting right now though now I don't tell me Anna and new study says that people who watch the car dash unions are more selfish. And anti social well and therefore unsympathetic. To those in need rules and apparently the more you're exposed. To. People that glamorize theme luxury and accumulating wealth. The more materialistic. And essentially all fully you become as a human being can we go back to the first store or wherever hampered. Less lives to us. In case it's not all related or not. Pizza makes you happy card ash and make you sad.