Dana & Jayson - New Year Nude Dana

Monday, April 23rd

Dana was flashing this weekend. No, not in the way you'd think after a weekend at Coachella, in a much more awkward, much less rock-n-roll sort of way. A lucky (or unlucky) group of co-workers and friends received the one-boob-treatment at the pool of our #Coachella home base, the Emerald Desert RV Resort. The real show was apparently after the show this morning on Alt 949.

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I flashed someone that didn't take. Are you talking about the poll yeah why you saw. Well I would just assume because you're wearing a teenie beanie the very teeny bikini I I have my power back because there's power though I've never had it's not that have that back it's that I'm in new person whom I. Yeah out. I don't know if everybody gets to this point but I had a point I realized is that it is not IA expose the itself accidentally. I'm not gonna be upset oh I'm not gonna carry that wave of Shane. The only time you will is when you get arrested for indecent exposure after aimerito. Actually then that should. I would that the wolf because we went away this weekend I was all about Coachella but before we went to Coachella we were staying. At this place in their happened to be a pool that arch so there were. Quite a few of our co workers around. G sand in his fiance producer Jack his girlfriend. My husband and there are few other coworkers. And made the problem was that. Good that I lack straps. And two different ways. The first problem was I had on a strapless bathing suit like a bikini top that didn't have any straps it was just my boobs holding it up. And then I had on this off the shoulder shirts which was below both shoulders so we had no straps to work group. And is also was crop top and be like it was I would do relative lower disaster. And then all of a sudden I saw a woman that we now. And I ran up tour to say hi hey. And she complemented my shirts and and I realize like your major physically completely out your stomach is exposed like pulled it down. And when I pulled it down tiles are pulled up with its strap a stick it. At the shirt to act at. My entire build is that where was I when I was hard smoking are we gonna. It's. An America. It hurt you know that I didn't do patrol and under control. But then you know why you took a back I I thought I'd move back hidden. And she's liked each I'll look it meets joy insanely cleavage and all that stuff like Maine trying to make me feel comfortable and get a job and then I just said. I'm not gonna worry about it. Forget I'm pretty sure later on in the day when you were just wearing a bikini top and her husband had to think your carry all led thinking gagged he did say that Diaw hit but and you didn't tell they. I don't know with those bags I have a good I'm carrying god love those girls and ride free. I mean it was like just meat being edgy you are look at I don't mean to be you know I have kids now your flash and people quiet I didn't plant that now I wasn't trying to be wild you know what if that happens I don't wanna feel bad about it. New year new dean at girls gone wild I think everybody. Happy new year in huge day in solidarity.