Dana & Jayson - New Olympic Events: A Public Service Announcement

Friday, February 9th

The Winter Olympics have kicked off in South Korea, but Jayson doesn't really feel that into it. Rather than leave him feeling un-American, Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack hopped into a studio for another handy Public Service Announcement directed at the Olympic Committee with some new, San Diego inspired events to help pump up ratings, and national pride. The more you know.


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All the money for nine San Diego's alternative ordained and Jason does that eight mean a bad America that I don't care about the oil impacts you don't care about the Olympics. I don't want to come I've lived for the Olympics I look forward to the Olympics annually but I know not everybody's like me if I go I am I live so like stocks that. Athletes but if you're like Jason good news producer Jack put together some events that might be a little more interest in CEO pay. There mr. or mrs. global America. Since the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics are tonight and some foreign country I can't pronounce they did it all mighty portal and got together to suggest a few new events for your consideration that would be. Really reflect the lifestyle of America's finest city. Number oh and the entire world loves trolling or at least those damn Canadians do. But what if instead of sweeping an empty hockey rink. Brutal war in a new event called cleaning up. And that's slam quarter. There's nothing you can read girlfriends and I go to hamburger wrappers to keep those connects weeping like meth heads until at least 20/20 team. Number two un cool if you think speed skating it's best just wait until you had to ocean beach and show off the speed of trying Siegel. Dodging. Last ninety seconds without getting your training craft beer teacher Dalton droppings you seriously deserve a Goldsmith's. Number please. Speaking of quick moves you will brains to good use of our final event but petty cab and catalogs. Pick behind the wheel. Strap on a blindfold could turn out the lights and see how many of those did kitty cat you can run over before time runs out. The committee. With a few see Diego inspired events you can take the Winter Olympics to the next level. I did today now. Really address.