Dana & Jayson - Negative News with Jayson: Monday, April 16th

Monday, April 16th

There's way too much positivity in the world today, so to help balance out the world, we let Jayson bring us all down. Back with another batch of sad stories, Dana & Jayson are back with another edition of Negative News with Jayson. Just what you need on a Monday! Wait... not really. 


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Mondays are horrors. And sometimes that fell hard you can't get out of bad don't go down that road and with all the news being so negative out there are sometimes he can't find this strength to move. So I'll. They'll have me right now. Rip the band aid off. And up all the negative news on you right now so you don't have to deal with that during the week no did you list today after all those words you just sad and that. It's time for everything. Is where Jason. David. Looking for our happiness and your life will cause you to be unhappy. From. Bring in Jeanne. Finally someone had a say why. Researchers found that people who are trying to find happiness that they're spending so much time trying to find debt. That they feel like they don't have enough time in the day and this can make them filled the product not not rude and grandma. When your home alone with the blinds drawn and and you think you should get out go to the peach may be exercised. Don't. Who wouldn't know. Yeah and John when he says drink another glass of wine and binge that new Netflix though because everyone is as depressing as yeah. Yeah. Get news and any market news if you have a death job your more stupid than the rest of us through from 100 new. Diane who's just found out that fitting too much will shrink your brain. Crews from England none of and apparently for people who don't move much during the day causes an important part of your brain to be smaller. Components. Meaning the I'm not being able to remembers the membranes. Though if you're sitting at your death today and make sure you take a little luck or you might get dementia. And crew group through noon. I don't you run the Internet and because these stories are vault good news and after that. Why it's killing all of us flow away. Yeah online. OK I don't this is making news there are now I make news but allegedly. There's a certain amount of lying that you can drink during the week that's okay. 5 o'clock this. But if you're feeling a little third seed now and you go over that way meant. It shortens your life by thirty minutes for each glass you drink over the wall. The moon. Our normal don't worry game I did the math awful low grade at the average life of a person is eighty years old. And if you take how much I drink in one week old that help the amount. Timed that by thirty minutes and divide it by some other things. Yet you get past. I'll be dead in about ten years. I'm going on in the and anymore and this has been negative news in Jae soon. There's coli outbreak in the eleventh birthday and my roommate you know. Well.